Things I have been cooking lately #118: Fish pie

I have been looking for a good fish pie recipe for ages. They often turn out to be bland and stodgy and it’s hard to get the exact right amount of sauce but this one is perfection. It’s flavoursome, rich and saucy without being soupy and it’s hard to stop eating after just one portion… well for me anyway. Read more…


JUNE STATS: Max Riemelt and the Burkina Faso National Lottery

So it’s the end of the month and we all know what that means… STATS, my monthly delve into how the hell anyone fouind my blog in the first place. (You can check out previous entries here). There’s been no slow down in people looking for masturbation scenes (highlighted in red on all images below) or in people who are looking for Max Riemelt. I think he is having a surge in popularity as he’s starring in the new Netflix series Sense8. But now onto other weird shiz… Read more…


10 great LGBT TV characters

This week is Pride Week in London, celebrating the achievements and providing a platform for the whole local LGBT . community. Every year the Pride activities culminate in a parade through London’s West End and it’s an amazingly colourful, vibrant and moving thing to behold and join in on whether you’re a member of the community or not. While many laws around the LGBT community have changed and are changing there are still a lot of social norms that need to change to provide genuine lived equality. Personally I think one of television and films’ most powerful positives is its ability to expose people to things they might not be used to and normalise them. While 20 years ago LGBT characters where almost unheard of more and more strong and interesting characters are making their way onto our screens and I’d like to believe that that’s had a lot of influence over changing attitudes. With that in mind and to show my support I bring you 10 great LGBT TV characters. Read more…


Film Friday #235

Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1998)

After watching the original Star Wars trilogy in preparation for The Force Awakens we figured we should also revisit the prequels and so I bought Mr O the trilogy for his birthday. Episode 1 starts with Jedi, Qui-Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson) and his padawan, Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) heading to the planet Naboo to try and resolve a trade blockade around the planet. The trade federation isn’t having any of it since their secret Sith Lord adviser actually wants to send a droid army to Naboo to overtake its government. Read more…


Things I have been cooking lately #117: Mint chocolate chip brownies

These brownies are definitely not for anyone on a diet so I won’t be making them again any time soon (which makes me sad) but if you want a delicious, indulgent treat then these are totally amazing. All credit for this chocolate mint chip brownie recipe goes to Jeanne Horak-Druiff from Cooksister.com who developed it and was kind enough to let me share it. Read more…


10 Great TV dads

Last month we had great TV moms in honour of mother’s day so of course today we’re honouring all the amazing dads out there on father’s day with a post about great TV dads. I am lucky to have two awesome dads in my life – my own father, Jules and my father-in-law, Alan who are both great role models while also being an enormous amount of fun. Happy father’s day to both of you and all the other great dads out there. Read more…


Film Friday #234

Jurassic World (2015)

Twenty-two years after the fateful incidents of Jurassic Park, Isla Nublar is operating as a functioning dinosaur attraction with an array of exciting interactive exhibits. The park is run by Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), a no-nonsense businesswoman whose core focus is on efficiency, profitability and pleasing shareholders. Claire has become concerned that the Jurassic World is becoming stagnant and a bit old hat with visitors no-longer wow-ed by dinosaurs in the way that they used to be, which has lead to her overseeing the development of a new genetically engineered dinosaur called the indominous rex guaranteed to scare the shit out of children and adults alike. On the same day the park CEO (Irrfan Khan) comes to inspect the new creation, Claire’s nephews Zach (Nick Robinson) and Gray (Ty Simpkins) are also visiting the park. They’re supposed to be under Claire’s care but she’s got way too much going on, especially since there are concerns that the indominous rex’s paddock is not as secure as it looks. Read more…


Things I have been cooking lately #116: Double chocolate salted caramel cake

A couple of weeks ago my friend posted a version of this recipe on Facebook in Afrikaans looking for someone to translate it to English for her. It sounded absolutely delicious to me so I not only translated the recipe but also decided to try it out for myself. Mine didn’t look anywhere near as pretty as the one in the picture – caramel got out of control – but it tasted fabulous. Read more…


10 female TV characters who kick ass

After the success of my post about female movie characters who kick ass I decided to follow up with a TV version since TV has also given us some pretty tough female characters although I would argue that we definitely need loads more. Again I am focusing on characters who physically kick ass. Read more…


Film Friday #233

Spy (2015)

Despite being top of her class CA agent, Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) has found herself working in the basement providing intel to agents rather than working in the field herself. When Bradley Fine (Jude Law), the agent Susan works most closely with is killed while tracking a stolen nuclear bomb, the agency discovers that every one of their lead agents has been compromised. The bomb is still at large and in the hands of Rayna Boyanov (Rose Byrne) so there’s only one person left to send in… Susan. Read more…


BOOK REVIEW: Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

Sometimes by book club agrees on two books, a main one and one for extra credit if we have time. As our May book was The Night Watch in honour of Terry Pratchett we decided to double up and also add Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch which he wrote with Neil Gaiman who is also a very famous fantasy author. This novel was written when Pratchett was only mildly famous and Gaiman wasn’t famous at all. Apparently they became great friends after Gaiman interviewed Pratchett and ended up writing the novel while excitedly shouting down the phone to each other. Read more…


Things I have been cooking lately #115: Mac n cheese with butternut

Jamie Oliver already proved to us that mac n cheese works when you add vegetables to it with his cauliflower mac ‘n cheese. This version contains butternut which brings a great sweetness and texture to the rich, cheesy sauce… and you don’t have to make a bechamel, which is always a bonus. Read more…

Madame Tussauds goes wrong… again

As some of you with long memories might recall Mr O and I took a trip to Madame Tussauds with his family about a year and a half ago for my brother-in-law’s birthday… and behaved badly. While Madame Tussauds is one of London’s most famous attractions it’s also one of its cheesiest and I still maintain that very few of the waxworks actually look like who they are supposed to.

Anyway, Mr O now works for the same company that owns Madame Tussauds which means that we get to go there for free and I like anything that is free (something I learned from both of my parents). At the moment the attraction has a special exhibition on the go featuring characters from Star Wars. As you’ll know from my recent Film Fridays, I love a bit of Star Wars as does Mr O, so we decided to go and investigate. In order to get to the Star Wars bit we had to go through the rest of the exhibits and we might once again have been a little bit bad…

Thought this might be Jennifer Lopez but we weren't sure

Thought this might be Jennifer Lopez but we weren’t sure

Read more…


10 Excellent ginger actresses

After my post a couple of weeks ago about excellent ginger actors, I got a request from Vinnieh for a similar actress post. Fortunately there are plenty of excellent ginger actresses because, like I mentioned before, gingers are cool so here are my favourites. Read more…


Film Friday #232

San Andreas (2015) 

So basically there is a MEGA earthquake in California and The Rock, who is a helicopter rescue pilot. abandons his post to rescue first his almost ex-wife (Carla Gugino) and then both of them go looking for their daughter (Alexandra Daddario) so they can save her too. Meanwhile the daughter has hooked up with a British guy (Hugo Johnstone-Burt) and his little brother, Rickon Stark (Art Parkinson) who are also trying to survive falling buildings, tsunamis and douche bag potential step-fathers. Read more…

Palatial much?

A trip to Hampton Court Palace

It’s not often Mr O and I have whole days off at the same time. He mostly has to work at the weekend and I have a 9 -5 weekday type job. When we do have weekends off together they often end up being more about Netflix and less about adventures because we’re in our 30’s and we’re tired. Last weekend we decided to buck the trend, get our asses off the couch and go to Hampton Court Palace. Read more…


Things I have been cooking lately #114: Gingerbread loaf

It’s funny how and when cooking inspiration strikes. I got home from the gym the other night and one of our neighbours was baking something that smelled strongly of ginger. I’m not sure if it was ginger cookies, gingerbread men or a gingerbread loaf but it instantly made me crave gingerbread. So much so that I immediately went on the hunt for a recipe to make one. I didn’t have all the ingredients to hand so I had to wait a day but in the end I found the perfect recipe – light, rich and nice and sticky. It hit the spot not only for me but also Mr O and my colleagues who we shared it with. Read more…

May Stats

MAY STATS: The perverts are still coming and they’ve brought the weirdos with them

I know I am a couple of days late with May’s stats but I had a really busy weekend and I kind of forgot. Once again themes of masturbation are proving popular, particularly when relating to Michael Fassbender (Fernando?). Check out previous months here. Read more…

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Question Of The Month: Who Is The Best Game Of Thrones Character?


Pop on over to The Oracle of Film to find out who my favourite Game of Thrones character is and see who everyone else is rooting for… [SPOILER: Mine is the best]

Originally posted on Oracle of Film:

If there is one thing Game of Thrones does better than any other show out there, is give us such a large cast, that we find you rarely have the same favourite character as the person next to you. With House, everyone’s favourite character is House. With Arrow, everyone’s favourite character is Arrow. However, with Game of Thrones, people cannot even decide who is the person in the right. Who should be the rightful heir to the throne? Is it the royal family, the Targaryens, kicked out of the throne, due to some nasty ancestors, but finally back on the straight and narrow, thanks to the awesome Daenarys? Should the Lannisters keep the throne, especially with the genuinely kind Tommen sitting on it? Or maybe the cruel, yet surprisingly honest Stannis, deserves to re-take the throne for his brother? Todya, let’s swipe the moral implications from the table and just…

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10 female movie characters who kick ass

There  are loads of roles out there for male characters that are seriously kick ass – from Bond (*vom*) to Indiana Jones, Luke Skywalker and about 40 different superheroes tough male characters with serious fighting skills are dime a dozen. The same cannot be said for female characters. For some reason Hollywood seems to think we don’t want to see chicks kick ass (we do). So in the hope of inspiring all the big time producers who obviously read this blog I am bringing you a list my my favourite kick ass chicks. For the purposes of this list I am specifically featuring characters who physically kick ass. Read more…