Top 10’s

maxresdefaultMovie Soundtracks
Movie Characters
Movie Couples
Kids in Movies
Teen Movies
Movie Bromances
Movies set in a dystopia
Movies for kids
Movie geeks, dorks and nerds
Bad movie accents
Movies about music
Drug related movies
Characters of questionable sanity
Movies that scare me
Movie moustaches
Iconic movie tattoos
Dysfunctional movie families
Cinematic guilty pleasures
Revenge movies
Magical movies
Christmas movies
Movies my friend Bronwyn and I were obsessed with in the 90’s
Movie crushes
Movie parties
Movie girl crushes
Alternative love stories
TV crushes
Movie masturbation scenes
Prison movies
Onscreen father-son relationships
Wedding related movies
School movies
Nicolas Cage roles
Movie rock stars
Movie mentors
Mother-daughter movie relationships
Inseperable actors and directors
Vampire movies
Movie love rats
Time travel movies
Movie father-daughter relationships
Actresses who irrationally annoy the shit out of me
Actors who irrationally annoy the shit out of me
Actresses that I would watch in almost anything
Actors I would watch in almost anything
Character Actors
Character Actresses
Quotable movies
Anchorman quotes
Villainous movie couples
Robin Williams quotes
Villainous TV couples
Blue eyed actors
Doomed TV couples
Gender bending characters
Brown eyed actors
British comedy series
US comedy series
Horror movie targets
Movie psychopaths
Future Stars for 2014 – actor edition
Future Stars for 2014 – actress edition
TV bitches
TV psycho- and sociopaths
Movie characters of 2014 – so far
Most disappointing movies of 2014
2014 releases so far
Movies I watched at home in 2014
Anticipated 2015 releases
Films I am resolving to watching in 2015
Flawed TV geniuses
Oscar Best Picture winners
Movies than missed out on the Oscar Best Picture
Oscar Predictions
Drag Race Queens
Drag Race Feuds
Movies set in 24 hours or less
Great road trip movies
Great TV Moms
Great superhero movies
Excellent ginger actors
Female movie characters who kick ass
Excellent ginger actresses
Female TV characters who kick ass
Great TV dads
LGBT TV characters
Game of Thrones Characters who have disappeared into thin air
Directors who influenced my view of the world


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  2. […] guest is the fabulous Miss Abbi of Where the Wild Things Are! And GUYS–she brought one of her top 10 lists!!! She’s basically famous for these lists because they’re always really creative and […]

  3. I love movie lists! Jackpot!

  4. […] Abbi’s blog is full of wonders that include film reviews, recipes, and her now legendary Top 10 lists. If you haven’t been out to see her yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. Take […]

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