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What I wore to work this week #42

This was my last week off work for 2018 before I have a couple of weeks off for Christmas so I decided to go fully festive and wear something Christmassy every day.

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Things I wore to work this week #19

Another week of in between weather, which is driving me nuts. It’s so hard to know what to wear in the morning. I know everyone is going to suggest layers but I hate layers. I can’t stand wearing clothes on top of clothes on top of clothes. In other news, my stress about not getting on with people at work is slowly abating and things are getting better. Unfortunately my hay fever is getting worse and worse no matter what I take so in all my pictures I look a bit wonky and by Thursday I couldn’t be bothered anymore and decided to go super comfy.

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What I wore to work this week #15

This has definitely been a week of two halves. On Monday it was still pretty chilly, Tuesday was middling and then we got hit with full summer! I don’t think I adjusted fast enough and by Wednesday afternoon I was BOILING. I also look a bit bedraggled since the warmer weather has meant my hayfever is in full force and I can’t stop sneezing!

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What I wore to work this week #14

After we were briefly led to believe spring might be coming when it warmed up on Saturday, we were soon proved very wrong. Winter came back full off mist and drizzle this week, which is reflected in the outfits I wore on the three days I went into work as well as the wildness of my hair. Please join me in wishing for better weather as I am getting sick of my winter clothes.

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What I wore to work this week #12

Another week of random weather. I am starting to think it might never be spring. I swear by this time last year I had moved from full coat to jacket already but I am still in a big coat. Let’s hope April brings some better weather!  Read more…

What I wore to work this week #6

This week I actually went into my normal office for four days in a row for the first time in six weeks, which seems mad. So this time there are four outfits. It was freezing during the week so I had to try and balance out style and warmth. I am not sure I succeeded!

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What I wore to work last week #3

Last week I did actually do four days of travelling in to work. For one of them I went to the Havant office of the company I work for and they don’t have a photo friendly bathroom so no picture of Wednesday. It was freezing this week because of big, windy storms and I haven’t been feeling very well so I think my outfits are more subdued this week… except for when I wore my lucky dress for a slightly secret reason that I can’t tell you about yet.

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Spring Soho sunday…

I think I have found the perfect way to spend Sunday afternoons when the weather is nice. It wasn’t particularly warm yesterday but it was sunny so Sanna and found a café to sit outside in the middle of Soho just off Dean Street and watched the passing traffic and talked about things like the inexplicable sexiness of David Tennant, nudity in different cultures and why anyone would still own a fur coat. The café was clearly set up for exactly this purpose since the chairs were facing out to the street rather than facing each other with the table between them.

I love the atmosphere in that part of the West End. Directly over the road from us were two sex shops and the street was populated with queens of every age gushing over each other and prancing around in outfits that included things like bowties and shiny blue winkle-pickers. It was an absolute visual feast. The tourists weaving through the chaos seemed slightly puzzled though. Ah, Londres… you will forever own my heart.

We ended the afternoon by heading back up to Oxford Street and popping into Topshop to try on shoes. All of my summer shoes are in pieces and I have nothing to wear in Australia. I wanted something practical that would go with lots of things. Only in my world would that equal a pair of sky blue plastic gladiator sandals.

In other news, RLHB is coming around for dinner again tomorrow night. Now I have to find something else to not poison him with…

Got it covered? I wish Leona hadn’t!

I have been enjoying a very relaxing weekend. Although I did end up in The Roxy on Friday, I left before the serious dancing began and was in bed before track of the night was completely lost. I love that place but it is a bit like the Hotel California. Scarily enough I think my biggest reason for leaving had nothing to do with wanting to be responsible about my alcohol consumption or my spending. The reason I left early was because I had been shopping earlier and did not want to lose track of my precious Topshop cargo. Could I BE more of a girl?

I got some Topshop vouchers for my birthday and I am in need of a new coat and some boots and so I had managed to acquire both items at lunchtime. I think both of my choices were a little “unusual” but I’m gonna show them to you and you tell me. (Male readers other than the few who *heart* fashion as much as I do, look away now. I suggest cracking open a beer and watching some of the sport of your choice).

This is the coat. I am aware that it has a velvet bow around the neck, which is a bit controversial. But it is tartan (ah tartan lust… it knows no bounds) and the cut is incredible. It’s like it was made for me.

My new coat

I also bought these “shit-kickin” biker boots. There is nothing elegant or glamorous about them. They’re like leather wellies. But… I *loves* them. I’ve always wanted a pair of don’t mess with me boots. I’m a rock chick! I suppose they suit my mishmash style. Plus they can be worn to work everyday and will last forever.


Thanks team birthday for providing me with these two new staples for my winter wardrobe!

Anyway now that I’ve finished my clothing show and tell… how about the X-Factor. I know it’s uber lame but I love the X-Factor. Largely for the total bitch element where you can rant at the contestants and the judges from your position of absolute infallibility on the couch.  Gotta say I was happy with last night’s results. Daniel, the guy who got voted out is the most boring man alive plus there is something about him that reminds me of my somewhat chavvy ex and not in a good way. My two favourites – Cuter-than-the-Andrex-puppy, Eoghan and Cassie-with-a-microphone, Diana are still in. Diana is the first contestant in the history of reality music shows (which I always get addicted to) whose album I might buy one day. Although this got less than 100% flattering judge response, I was mesmerised. Check it out.

What had me in a state of spitting rant last night was Leona Lewis performing a cover of Snow Patrol’s Run, which I think she has released as a single. Now I won’t diss Leona’s voice, however she is about as exciting as a piece of dry toast. If she wants to go around making boring radio-friendly R ‘n B songs about unfortunate kitchen accidents (I keep bleeding? Go and get a plaster and stop whining, love) that’s absolutely fine with me. I don’t listen to mainstream radio so I can avoid them. BUT… Snow Patrol? Arghh! She took this beautiful, haunting, bleak song and turned it into a big diva ballade. I am sure I am going to get a whole bunch of hate mail from people who love Leona (I’ve already pissed off a whoooole bunch of people on YouTube, he he…) but doing covers is a very delicate endeavour and if you can’t get it right, stick to ruining your own songs and leave the bands I love alone! Check it out if you dare.

If anyone wants to hear an example of a good cover done on a song so originally perfect that even thinking of covering it almost requires rock repentance? Check out Gatsby’s American Dream covering The Cure’s Just Like Heaven.