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TV REVIEW: The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance – Season 1

It wasn’t until fairly recently that I watched the original Dark Crystal movie and fell a bit in love with it. It made me both excited and apprehensive for the Netflix prequel series. Would it stay true to the original in all its mad, puppet glory? Would the story be as touching and engaging? Would it be as immersive? The film is so special so the series had a very big shoes to fill.

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MOVIE REVIEW: The Dark Crystal (1982)

Recently Netflix released a series as a prequel to the cult classic The Dark Crystal and a load of my most favourite geeky friends who like all the same stuff I do went wild. I have a big gap in my film knowledge from the 80’s and early 90’s because I didn’t grow up in a particularly film focused household so I had never seen it. I decided this was a good opportunity to remedy it.

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