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Film Friday #116

 The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

A group of pensioners relocate to India for various reasons, after being lured by the impressive pamphlet of “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”. On arrival it turns out that the hotel is nowhere near as luxurious as they imagined and that it appears to be running purely on the optimism of the proprietor, Sonny Kapoor (Dev Patel). While some of the group immediately flourishes in the new environment, some do not which creates tensions, especially for married couple, Douglas (Bill Nighy) and Jean (Penelope Wilton). As the stellar cast of retirees (including Judi Dench, Maggie Smith and Tom Wilkinson) realise that their lives still have a lot to give, the hotel comes under jeopardy. This is a surprisingly charming, funny and touching watch. 3.5/5

The two person motorbike revolution begins!

The two person motorbike revolution begins!

Frozen River

In a small town in upstate New York, down on her luck mom, Ray (Melissa Leo) falls into smuggling illegal immigrants over the Candian border in an attempt to make enough money to buy a larger trailer and Christmas presents for her sons. Torn between the lure of a steady income and her conscience as events escalate and the risks increase, Ray is soon at the end of her tether. There’s no getting away that this film is steeped in misery and hopelessness but it’s definitely engrossing. Worth a watch. 3.5/5

Ray had had it with the door and she didn't care who knew it.

Ray had had it with the door and she didn’t care who knew it.


New York couple, Linda and George (Jennifer Anniston and Paul Rudd) ends up living in a commune after George suddenly loses his job. After Linda’s initial reluctance fades, she is drawn to charismatic leader, Seth (Justin Theroux) but George struggles to fit in and their marriage suffers. I found this supposed comedy remarkably unfunny and much of Rudd’s performance so cringeworthy in places (particularly his pre-sex soliloquy in front of a mirror). Avoid. 1/5

And then you pretend you're riding a horse and that is Gangnam Style!

And then you pretend you’re riding a horse and that is Gangnam Style!

Underworld Awakening

In the latest instalment of the Underworld franchise, humans have discovered the existence of vampires and Lycans and waged a war against them, leading to an almost total eradication of non-humans. Vampire warrior, Selene (Kate Beckinsale) awakes after years in captivity and escapes with the help of who she eventually realises is her daughter, Eve (India Eisley). Now she must team up with the last remaining vampires to fight against super Lycans, who have been modified by humans… or something. It’s all a bit been there, done that but of course it’s set up for more sequels at the end, so who knows how many more time our Kate will don the PVC suit. Only for real fans. 2/5

Worst. Spa. Ever.

Worst. Spa. Ever.