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My top 10 iconic movie tattoos

Being someone with quite a few tattoos I am a big fan of their rather unique art form and fascinated by the different and very personal meanings they have for the people who choose to get inked. In cinema tattoos are used for a variety of reasons, most often to demonstrate that a character is particularly tough or has a “chequered” past. This is probably why it’s (unfortunately) actually quite rare for Hollywood to portray female characters with tattoos, making my list a bit male heavy. Most of these are not the most beautiful tattoos out there but they definitely made the characters wearing them and the films they appeared in that much more interesting.

39cCharacter: Derek Vinyard
Played by: Edward Norton
Film: American History X (1998)
Tattoo placement: Arms and chest
Tattoo style: White supremacist/Nazi
Meaning: In American History X Derek’s tattoos are a representation of his history. They are a physical manifestation of the man he used to be and a past that he cannot shake no matter how much he has changed.
“Danny Vinyard: I’m sorry, Derek. I’m sorry that happened to you.
Derek Vinyard: I’m not. I’m lucky. I feel lucky because it’s wrong, Danny. It’s wrong and it was eating me up, it was going to kill me. And I kept asking myself all the time, how did I buy into this shit? It was because I was pissed off, and nothing I ever did ever took that feeling away. I killed two guys, Danny, I killed them. And it didn’t make me feel any different. It just got me more lost and I’m tired of being pissed off, Danny. I’m just tired of it.”

the-place-beyond-the-pines-Derek-Cianfrance-ryan-gosling-bradley-cooper-eva-mendes-film-review-shelf-heroesCharacter: Luke
Played by: Ryan Gosling
Film: The Place Beyond the Pines (2013)
Tattoo placement: Everywhere
Tattoo style: Eclectic
Meaning: Luke’s tattoos serve to act as a symbol of his impulsiveness and his reckless disregard for the future, in particular his face tattoo. They also act as a kind of map of his past.
“Luke: He’s my son and I should be around him. I wasn’t around my Dad and look at the fuckin’ way I turned out.


Character: Mallory Knox
Played by: Juliette Lewis
Film: Natural Born Killers (1994)
Tattoo placement: Belly
Tattoo style: Scorpion
Meaning: Mallory’s tattoo symbolises the fact that she is wild and reckless. The scorpion also shows that she has a sting in her tail. Like a scorpion she is small and seemingly fragile but also deadly.
“[after beating the hell out of the guy at the diner]
Mallory: How sexy am I now, huh? Flirty boy! How sexy am I now?”

mementoCharacter: Leonard Shelby
Played by: Guy Pearce
Film: Memento (2000)
Tattoo placement: Arms and torso
Tattoo style: Script
Meaning: With no short term memory Leonard tattoos the facts he learns each day onto his body in his quest to find the man who killed his wife.
“Natalie: But even if you get revenge you’re not gonna remember it. You’re not even going to know that it happened.
Leonard Shelby: My wife deserves vengeance. Doesn’t make a difference whether I know about it. Just because there are things I don’t remember doesn’t make my actions meaningless. The world doesn’t just disappear when you close your eyes, does it? Anyway, maybe I’ll take a photograph to remind myself, get another freaky tattoo.

Lisbeth SalanderCharacter: Lisbeth Salander
Played by: Noomi Rapace/Rooney Mara
Films: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2009), The Girl Who Played With Fire (2009), The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest (2009), The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2011)
Tattoo placement:  Back
Tattoo style: Asian dragon
Meaning: Although Lisbeth’s tattoo is never explained it seems to be a symbol of the anger she holds inside herself and also her desire for strength and empowerment in her life.
“Lisbeth Salander: If you touch me I’ll more than alarm you.


Character: Seth Gecko
Played by: George ClooneyFilm: From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)
Tattoo placement: Arm, neck and chest
Tattoo style: Tribal
Meaning: The size of Seth’s tattoo is revealed slowly throughout the film, just like the revelation that all is not right at the Titty Twister. It also singles him out as a leader with the right credentials to fight off a horde of vampires.
“Seth: Fight now, cry later.”

Eastern_Promises_TattoosCharacter: Nikolai Luhzin
Played by: Viggo Mortensen
Film: Eastern Promises (2007)
Tattoo placement: Hands, arms and torso
Tattoo style: Russian prison
Meaning: As an undercover cop, Nikolai’s tattoos are part of his cover, telling the story of the crimes he has supposedly committed.
“Nikolai Luzhin: [referring to Soyka] Okay. Now I’m going to do his teeth and cut off his fingers. You might want to leave room.
[Nikolai motions for Azim to go away, and then puts out his cigarette on his tongue] “

cape_fear_robert_deniroCharacter: Max Cady
Played by: Robert De Niro
Film: Cape Fear (1991)
Tattoo placement: Arms and torso
Tattoo theme: Justice
Meaning: Max is obsessed with vengeance and the man he believes ruined his life. His tattoos are a visual manifestation of his message to the world.
“Max Cady: I ain’t no white trash piece of shit. I’m better than you all! I can out-learn you. I can out-read you. I can out-think you. And I can out-philosophize you. And I’m gonna outlast you. You think a couple whacks to my guts is gonna get me down? It’s gonna take a hell of a lot more than that, Counselor, to prove you’re better than me!”

brad-pitt-snatchCharacter: Mickey O’Neill
Played by: Brad Pitt
Film: Snatch (2000)
Tattoo placement: Arms and torso
Tattoo style: Gypsy
Meaning: Mickey’s tattoos are part of his tough guy persona but also a representation of his culture.
“Mickey: Good dags. D’ya like dags?
Tommy: Dags?
Mickey: What?
Mrs. O’Neil: Yeah, dags.
Tommy: Oh, dogs. Sure, I like dags. I like caravans more.”

alpha_10Character: Frankie Ballenbacher
Played by: Justin Timberlake
Film: Alpha Dog (2006)
Tattoo placement: Arms and torso
Tattoo style: Asian/gangster
Meaning: Frankie is a spoiled rich boy playing at being a tough guy and so his patchwork of tattoos is part of the persona he has created for himself. The fact that the tattoos appear to be inauthentic and cliched are just part of the fact that Frankie is play acting his Hollywoodised fantasy of being in a gang.
“Frankie Ballenbacher: [to Johnny] Let’s just grease the kid. That it’s taken care of and we’re not running around here like a bunch of fuckin’ chinamen!”

Music is life

Those of you who keep an eye on my life via twitter, this blog or facebook will know that I recently got my sixth tattoo… it has been a real labour of love. First César, my fantastic Brazilian tattoo artist, and I had a disagreement about the tattoo. I wanted a different jukebox on my bicep. In his usual brutally honest style, César told me that my idea was not only ugly but also the wrong shape for the area I wanted and sent me off with a series of tuts and telling me he knew what I actually wanted.

When I returned to see his design it turned out he was absolutely right. If I can give you one piece of advice about getting tattoos it’s don’t second-guess the professional. I’ve never seen anyone go on Miami Ink where their idea was better than the tattoo artist’s. In my mind tattoos are more about concepts and finding someone who works in a style that you like… then let them figure out how to make it beautiful.

I’m really into classic tattoo, which is super intricate so I ended up having to have this tattoo done in two stages with a healing phase in between.  So that’s four and a half hours of line and shade work and then 3 and a half hours of colouring. Don’t ask me how much it hurt because I would prefer not to even think about it.

The end result is this:

And the symbolism is such. Music connects my past and my present and connects me to those past and present… hence the choice of a jukebox. Music is an organic thing and it gives and sustains life… hence the leaves and the roots. Music is sacred and spiritual… hence the halo.

I’m already thinking about the next one…

Nevermind diamonds… ink is forever

This may be the craziest thing I’ve ever done…  but like they say, when you know you know and what better way to celebrate meeting the person you want to spend the rest of your life with than with a little ink. Paul and I are both really into the art of tattoo and so getting matching ones seemed like the perfect way to show our commitment to each other.

We had some time before our gig last night so we got Cesar to do these. They’re a symbol of us wanting to be together until there’s nothing left of us but our bones. Gorgeous, huh? Now I’ve just got to get the big one on my arm finished!

It’s a living thing – Part 1

For those of you who were waiting in great anticipation for photos of the new tattoo… you’re going to have to wait a little longer because it’s not finished yet. I did four and a half hours of line and shading last night before we called it a day at 11.30. I’m going to go back in a couple of weeks and get the colour done.

Despite the fact that it looks nothing like what I originally proposed, it’s beyond amazing. I started out with a cartoon of a psychedelic jukebox that I wanted on my bicep, but the ever lovely César was having none of it and came back with a classic Wurlitzer, surrounded by leaves and a kind of glowing sun halo thing to put on my outer arm. It was love at first sight. Not only does the leaf work tie into the tattoo on my stomach but the concept of music being a living, organic thing as well as something that nourishes and sustains life was exactly what I had in my head. And what I’ve learned from hours of watching Miami Ink is: never second guess the tattoo artist. I have never seen anyone come in with a better idea than what the artist proposed in the end.

Despite being in agony for fair amounts of the evening, it was a good one. Paul came down for part of the evening  and sat tirelessly through me crushing his hand during the particularly sore bits. He is my hero. Joao was also working in the studio and kept everyone amused by playing DJ. He started out with some Sabbath, which if you were to look at Joao is what you’d expect (although I’m not sure what his first time tattoo client made of his occasional shrieks of, “look into my eyes!” as he worked on him).  I don’t think any of us expected him to move onto Abba followed by Tears For Fears, Depeche Mode and Tenacious D… which everyone sang along to heartily. Good times!

So stay tuned for round two where I will be revealing the new ink… oh and César, your story that booze, sex and cigarettes during the healing period makes all the ink fall out may work on ink-virgins, but I’m an old hand and the gin is coming out tonight!

Notorious T.A.T.

I popped into Self Sacrifice yesterday to let Cèsar get a look at his handiwork now that the tattoo is very much on the healing stretch. You’ve got to realise that you may have spent too much time in a tattoo shop when everyone greets you with such warmth as you arrive. Cèsar of course got me to lift up my top so he could see how the tattoo was doing, what I hadn’t expected was for him to call around another four of the (male) tattoo artists to join in the inspection. It’s not everyday you end up with five men intently examining your naked stomach and nattering away to each other in Portuguese. And may I say the examination involved quite a lot of touching. Strangely it was not awkward at all. I suppose to them my stomach is a piece of art rather than a body part. You will all be glad to know that it is healing well but will need a couple of touch ups when I get back from Aus. I left with many hugs and much love and a request to bring gifts from my holiday. Cheeky!

Put another shrimp on the barbie… I’m on my way to Austria!*

I am so excited… I went to pick up my passport from the Sorting Office yesterday (after missing a delivery) and glued neatly inside it is… an Australian visitor’s visa. Yup, that’s right… the terrible twosome of Jen and Abbi will be together once again when I head to Sydney on 9 April.

Since before Jen’s trip to London, she and I have been plotting and planning a trip to Sydney for me… and today it all finally became a reality. Because I am still cursed to be travelling on a South African passport (not that I think being South African is in any way a curse… it’s just the obstacles that come with the passport that are exhausting and expensive), I was forced to get a full visa (if you are European or American you can get a speedy online one). I sent off all the documents about two weeks ago and I’ve been frantically waiting for the return of my passport by post. The whole process made me nervous because the idea of surrendering my travel documents to Royal Mail horrifies me and I had many nightmares where they got lost and I was stuck in a foreign country with no visa so a massive sigh of relief was breathed when the parcel slip came through the door yesterday.

Of course step two was booking a flight. I managed to get a good deal on United Airlines via San Fran on the way there and LA on the way back… stroke of luck in this case that I have a valid US visitor’s visa because you cannot even transit in the States without one. Next option would have added £60 to the cost of the ticket. The weird thing is that because I am flying “backwards” the time differences are mind-boggling. On the way there, I leave SF at 10pm on Thursday and then arrive in Sydney at 6am on SATURDAY. An entire day disappears… I know I should be over the wonder of time differences by now but I swear by the time I land I’m not going to know if I’m Bruce or Sheila!

Needless to say Jen and I are already making many lists of things we want to do while I’m there. I think our lists are probably a bit different from the standard tourist ones since they include things like “watch Torchwood season 2” and “general fangirling”.

For those who are interested in the tattoo, it is healing nicely although it is now at the super sexy stage where it sheds bits of multicoloured scab and itches as if I have a flea infestation. At least tonight the Clingfilm comes off and I can stop feeling like a human sandwich!

*Disclaimer: before you all comment me and tell me I’ve made a mistake… I haven’t. It’s a reference to the first scene in Dumb And Dumber

I present to you… The Hibiscus Death

Those who know me, will know that at 18 I had a ladybug tattooed on my stomach. It was a symbol of a very important part of my life that I never want to forget but unfortunately the actual tattoo was a bit of a hatchet job. Not only was it uneven, patchy and the line work was appalling but it healed badly due to poor care instructions from the tattoo “artist” who did it.

As I have gotten more tattoos, I have become more and more reluctant to show people the ladybug because it looks so awful by comparison. A while ago when I got my Lapse tattoo on my leg, I asked Maio, the artist who did both my script tattoos about repairing it and he merely sneered at me and said, “I cover!”

I have had a concept in mind for ages but there was one element missing that I had not had the light bulb moment that accompanies all my tattoos about. This morning the light came on and set my whole mind on fire and so to Self Sacrifice I went.

Sadly, my beloved Maio has gone back to Brazil for three months. After pouting for a few minutes, I was offered the services of Cèsar Ciffer, who is an award-winning tattoo designer and artist who also works at Self Sacrifice. I had a look at his portfolio and on seeing that not only was his work breathtaking but also exactly the style I wanted, I handed over my concept and left him to design while I ansted away an afternoon at work.

If I tell you that Lapse was somewhat of a walk through a sunny park on a summer’s morning, you might get an idea of how intense getting (what I am calling) The Hibiscus Death done was. I sat for four hours while Cèsar painstakingly drew out and then coloured in his masterpiece. We stopped three times for both of us to take smoke breaks and for me to regain my composure and without the grace of Cèsar’s magical skin-numbing cream I can’t say I’d have made it… and let me just tell you it doesn’t numb your skin completely and it wears off after 20 or so minutes. Anyone who has ever had shading or colouring done will know the searing, flesh burning agony it is.

The result is this… and I apologise for my poor photography but I challenge you to photograph your own stomach. More pics here

The meaning is such… the skull represents death and the hibiscus life and the way the hibiscus is wrapped around the skull is a representation of how life and death exist with and because of each other and are inseparable. The second representation is of the composition of my soul of both darkness and beauty both of which I embrace wholeheartedly as the hibiscus embraces the skull.

I am so in love with it that I wish to walk around nude for the next couple of years. Cèsar was so in love with it that he took about 200 photos of it for his portfolio.

Cèsar you will forever be part of me. I thank you for your patience, your creativity and four hours of your soul.

Let the itching commence…

Disappearing penises, flaming tour buses, Satanic Sluts and more

My return to London has made me realise some of the things I missed the most when I was in SA…

–    Psychotically unpredictable weather
–    Soho, with all its insane weirdness
–    Indie boys
–    Music that was not picked by some lame radio station
–    The banter in my office
–    Scurrilous celebrity gossip

I’ll explain…

I knew I was back at work when I handed around the Cadbury’s Top Deck I had brought back from SA in an attempt to prove that SA chocolate is tastier and was swiftly slated by half the team. An argument about chocolate ensued in which it was declared that Galaxy is akin to crack in addictiveness. This was swiftly backed up by the comment, “yes, crack is rather more-ish”. Office banter, a reason for living.

I spent the evening with Josh and Sanna. Josh is giving Sanna her first tattoo as an 18th birthday present and they invited me along to Self Sacrifice as, I guess, a sort of facilitator. Tattoo artists tend to talk to “normal” people as if they are a bit random but since I now have a giant tattoo on my leg, for the first time I was regarded as “one of them” and the tone of conversation completely changed. We even did that thing that tattooed people do where they compare art. Everyone was very impressed with the one on my arm and Maio got a lot of pats on the back for it. Tonight Sanna will be getting some words of wisdom from Bob Dylan inked on her hip and I will be getting my apostrophes that Maio forgot the first time around. We are both swooning at his loveliness.

When we went into the shop it was cold but clear. When we came out it was hailing, like mad. No warning… just hail. The atmosphere was a bit loopy. Everyone was tearing around, the shop owners were trying to lure people into their shops and really it all just looked quite beautiful. We took it as a signal to retire to the Royal George. The George is always packed with weird and wonderful Soho-ites including lovely indie boys. In SA a kind of hyper, rugby-playing, beer swilling masculinity reigns supreme. It completely puts me off. So to be surrounded by lanky boys in skinny jeans with wild hair, crazy scarves and pointy shoes was a return a warm joyous place packed with eye candy.

We ended our evening with a delicious Italian dinner in a hideaway restaurant on Goodge Street. The staff were quite mad. When Josh handed his card over to pay and accidentally keyed in his pin a little early, the waiter declared that he was slowing down the process and would render said waiter with not even enough time to go to the toilet. He finished this off by saying, “by tomorrow I will have no penis.” We giggled all the way to the tube station. By the time I got home it was snowing… in October.

At the moment the talk of the town is Russell Brand’s latest round of dodgy behaviour. During a BBC2 Radio show where he had Jonathon Ross as a guest the two of them rung up Fawlty Towers star, Andrew Sachs, who they were supposed to interview. When he did not answer they left him some naughty little voice mails, including one claiming that Russell had had carnal knowledge of Sach’s granddaughter. This has lead to a national outcry where even Gordon Brown is demanding retribution and Russ has once again been suspended. Personally I don’t know what all the hullabaloo is about. The granddaughter, Georgina Baillie, is outraged… despite the fact that she is currently on tour with a Burlesque group called Satan’s Sluts and actually DID sleep with Russell. She’s not exactly the virgin Mary now, is she? There is a massive financial crisis going on and the Prime Minister is focused on badly behaved radio presenters… I love this country. Find out more here.

And in closing, I am very excited as Barb and I will be going to see Kill Hannah at the Astoria 2 tonight with My Passion opening. It’s both exciting and a relief since the gig almost didn’t happen. While on tour in Switzerland last week, the two bands shared tour bus caught fire and was incinerated. Fortunately everyone is fine but they have lost virtually all their personal possessions and have been reduced to performing in their own merch. You can see actual footage of the bus in flames on singer, Mat Devine’s, blog. I can admit that any casualties or injuries of either of these bands would have left me in a state of disrepair so the fact that all is well is cause for celebration. I will be taking along some fingerless gloves to help the boys ward off the cold! This news of course was passed on to me last week by Jen since no one in South Africa has heard of either band. They’re not as radio friendly as the consistent mindless dance music that Highveld and 5fm pump out, I guess.

You wear your skin like it’s too tight

I have a message for anyone who is considering getting a tattoo. If you are worried about the pain of actually getting tattooed, well really, this is the least of your worries. What you actually need to be concerned about is the healing process. As the tattoo on my leg is my fifth, I felt like I was going in knowing what to expect. The initial constant ache and sting was not too bad even though it was on a much grander scale than the previous tattoos, being about 6 times the size of the next biggest. The itching has now set in and I am actually struggling with my sanity. My entire lower right leg is on fire… 24 hours a day. Under absolutely no circumstances can there be any scratching. Since the itch is the result of what is essentially a scab, scratching would be very painful and if you scratch and the scab comes off before it is ready, you end up with an uneven, patchy tattoo. Of course this is all very worth it but if you see me twitching, you will know why. If I ever had to torture anyone… like Kylie maybe or James Blunt… I’d want to give them something that made them itch all over and unable to scratch… I think they’d confess to crimes against music pretty quickly.

I spent the day with Josh and Sanna yesterday. Josh decided that I needed to be introduced to Father Ted, which is a cult comedy series about a trio of Irish priests banished to Craggy Isle after various transgressions. One of the priests is a complete simpleton, the other is a deranged elderly alcoholic and the third has a bit of a gambling problem. It took me a while to get into and it is magnificently surreal but once I did, I couldn’t stop giggling. We rounded off the evening with dinner at the Corrib. It was exactly what I needed to round off what turned out to be a very bizarre weekend.

Today’s obsession is Pirates Of The Caribbean. I don’t any of us realised how badly we all wanted to abandon our day jobs to become pirates and sail the high seas until this Disney extravaganza (based on an amusement park ride) hit the screens. I suppose the story is less important but it starts out with cursed pirates looking for the lost son of a dead crew member in order to spill his blood and end said curse. From there it goes off on a bizarre tangent that has so far spawned three films filled with mad characters and ever more outlandish special effects and storylines. What makes POTC special is one simple thing. Captain Jack Sparrow. Played by Johnny Depp, Jack is irreverent, witty, regularly confused, superbly lucky, self-serving, charming and probably one of the coolest movie characters of all time. Women want him, men want to be him. Johnny plays him with the same style as a drug addled rock star and his endlessly quotable lines (“Why is all the rum gone?”) and lovable rogue quality is irresistible. We all know the upcoming fourth film will be a debacle in terms of plot but I guarantee you we’ll all be there opening week just to catch a glimpse of Jack.

She’s got such hot legs

I am pleased to report that my shower has been fixed and is back in use. It was most definitely worth being booted out of my bathroom for a week because I now have shower doors that close smoothly and tightly… previously the doors were falling off the runners and often they wouldn’t seal on the sides so water would fly out. The cracked tiles are also all gone, the damp and cracks have been repaired and painted over. For me it’s like having a new bathroom… and for Mich hopefully no more mini-floods every time I decide to get clean. Now if the landlord would just fix the walls, the collapsed floorboard in the hall and the kitchen cabinets and give us a new fridge, we’d be on the road to success.

Right now the biggest pro is that I will be able to shower and keep my tattoo out of the water. I had forgotten how small the downstairs shower is. If you are in it with the door closed all of you is getting wet… end of. My shower is bigger and so I can stick my leg out of the water apart from when I am cleaning it… I intend to celebrate the new bathroom by dyeing my hair… and praying that I don’t turn all the new grouting red! Schwarzkopf have introduced a new even oranger shade of the range I use… Hayley Williams hair, here I come!

Speaking of the tattoo… it is still very much in the gross stage. The excess ink is still coming out and it is very red. Oh and if anyone needs a hot water bottle I am happy to rest my leg against them for warmth. My body is, of course, trying very hard to heal the inked area and so it’s radiating heat.

Today’s obsession is The Nightmare Before Christmas. This claymation gem from the mind of the always bizarre Tim Burton feels like a walk through my imagination. The story goes behind the scenes of “Halloween Town” where the weird, mismatched, nightmare characters spend their time preparing for 31 October and making each Halloween scarier than the year before. The problem is that their top scarer, Jack Skellington is becoming a bit disillusioned with frightening people. When he accidentally ends up in Christmas Town and sees the festivities, he sends his minions to kidnap “Sandy Claws” so he can hijack the holiday. Unfortunately the other Halloween residents don’t really “get” Christmas and things go horribly wrong. Added to this we have a gorgeous love story between Jack and “Frankstein’s Ragdoll”, Sally and a deliciously creepy soundtrack. To be honest, I prefer Jack’s version of the festive season so if it were up to me we’d have Halloween on Christmas every year!

Tell them that she’s not scared

I am amazed by the amount of interest in the new tattoo. I think everyone has been getting vicariously inked through me. Ha ha! I can now reveal that the new art is on my right calf and it says:

I’m not afraid
At least
not to die
I’m afraid
to live
And not
remember why

And this is what it looks like. There are some shots from a better angle here but they are not for the faint of heart because you can still see a lot of the blood.

For those who don’t know, it’s an Envy On The Coast lyric from a song called Lapse. It probably sums up how I feel about life, better than anything else I’ve ever heard and of course anyone who has been following my progress on the novel I’m writing will know it was inspired by the album that Lapse is on. So it’s a celebration of the project and how it is changing me.
I sat for about an hour, which is my longest by a very long way. Fortunately Kelly was kind enough to sit with me. Having her there to distract me made a huge difference because there were times where I came close to throwing in the towel. Once again, I had the gorgeous Maio, as my artist/torturer. He is the same person who did the tattoo on my arm and quite amusingly he remarked at how good that one looks. I reminded him that he did it and he was like… oh… ha ha! Sadly this time I was facing away from him so I couldn’t stare.

Now begins the clingwrapping and the itching and the scabbing and the blistering and all the questions about why I am carrying around nappy rash cream! I also envision many questions from various people when I arrive home next week. Wish me luck…

Today’s obsession is this YouTube video by vBlogger, Jimmy010. He does little bits of observational comedy. This one is about warnings on plastic carrier bags. I’ve watched it about a hundred times and I kill myself laughing every time.

Take the red from your eyes and ink it into your skin

My shopping trip yesterday was in parts successful and other parts not. I was supposed to buy shoes… shoes were not bought. I did get a handbag, a dress and the coolest scarf, everrrrr. It is the scarf of destiny… red tartan with elastic run through it so it sort of poofs up and gets this ruffled look. Adds instant glam to any outfit. The downside is that I may be going to Kirsty’s wedding barefoot.

In other news, I am on edge. Yesterday I dropped off a design for a tattoo and this evening at six it will become my fifth piece of art. I’m not telling you what it is or where it’s going but I will reveal that it is more song lyrics in the same style as the one on my arm and that it will be my biggest tattoo by far. I am very, very nervous because I will have to sit for a lot longer than I have ever sat before… and well, tattoos hurt. Fortunately Kelly and Candice are coming to sit with me and distract me. Kelly actually wants to take photos of the process… niiiiiiiice. Stay tuned and tomorrow there should be pics.

No obsession today… too twitchy…