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Summer has finally started

Regular readers may have noticed it’s been a bit quiet around here but as summer has finally started, we O’s have been rather busy…

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They call me Vampire…

I think it has finally come time for me to admit that I have a problem and be honest with you… that’s right… My name is Abbi, and I don’t like summer. I know I’m weird and incomprehensible to most and as the temperatures soar in London this summer, I’m realising more and more that my little confession is on par with saying something like… My name is Abbi and I eat babies.

It seems naturally inborn in everyone else I know to desperately seek sun and warmth and to take to the park/garden/balcony the second the sun comes out… but all I want to do is lock myself in a dark room and wait for it all to be over. I think I’m missing some kind of heat receptor gene. I have my excuses for why I don’t like being outdoors in the heat…

I get chronic hayfever… so bad that it has now started manifesting itself as regular migraines and my “companion” food allergies are out of control

I’m really fair… like ghost fair. I burn under UV light. My grandfather had skin cancer and my dad has had malignant moles removed. I don’t think a tan looks healthy… I think it looks scary. Health aside, I’ll pander to vanity… at 28, I don’t have one single wrinkle and I love the contrast of my milky skin next to my bright tattoos and my red hair… also I tend to get freckles. Yuck!

Antihistamines you say? Factor 40 sunblock? Well, yeah… it’s doable but I just don’t like it. I wilt like a sweaty lettuce the minute it gets to 22 C.

My name is Abbi and I’m a weirdo and I don’t like summer. But on the plus side… I don’t eat babies.

The best flowers are stolen ones

I’m not sure I’m cut out for the summer. I managed to get a bit burnt in the shade yesterday. I don’t normally lie in the park due to both my aversion to the sun and my tendency to be allergic to grass but I was tempted into Clapham Common with cider and cheeky grins from the Charmer… remember him? I’m not sure why but I find I can never quite say no to that boy, even though he gives me flowers he stole out of my own garden.

It wasn’t the longest ever lie in the park since I had to be back at The Mansion by 4 for a hairdressing experiment with B. She decided that she want to attempt some home highlights and that I was the person to do them. I managed to force down my nerves… being charged with someone else’s beauty is never to be taken lightly… and take on the challenge. Thank goodness somewhere in amongst the peroxide fumes it all came out very well and I am starting to consider becoming a stylist of some variety.

Once the hairdressing and glamorising was done, Barb, B and I headed off to Earlsfield Station to meet Dawn, Kerry, Emma and Kate for a girls’ night out. Of course chaos ensued. We went from cocktails in Babel to Jagerbombs in The Grand. For Dawn, Kerry, Barb and I, it was like taking a step back 4 years into the past when we were all bouncing around in Boom Bar and drinking cheap wine… ah the good old days.


I made the mistake of wearing my killer heels… and they nearly killed me. By the end of the night I was walking like an 80 year old woman. Oh the things we do for beauty…

Surprisingly unhungover this morning… and hiding out in the lair to avoid further sunburn.

Summer kicks off in London

Londoners appreciate summer like nowhere else I’ve seen on earth. The minute the sun comes out and the temperature breaks 20 degrees, the air is instantly perfumed with bbq, the little summer dresses and baggies come out and every beer garden is rammed with Pimms drinking, slightly sunburnt Londoners of every creed saying, “Isn’t it lovely? You don’t think it’s going to rain is it?”

I got in my bbq requirement for the weekend at the G-Spot on Saturday with Barb, Hilton, B, Kolbe and Ant. It ended up being noisy, a little bit drunken and of course, at the hands of Kolbe, the food was delicious. However, I had a headache that got worse and worse and worse until eventually when we decided to hit the Puzzle, I had to concede defeat and go to bed. It seems I missed quite a party.

Yesterday, I decided to go for the beer garden option and joined Dawn, Emma, Adam, Dan, Gemma, Kerry, Pete and a couple of others at the Boat House for a few drinks. It appears we had wandered into the middle of some kind of arts festival that made me wonder if we’d collectively taken acid and forgotten about it.

There was a guy operating a remote controlled, life-size mechanical horse that neighed and breathed fire. It reminded me of something from a Marilyn Manson video. As much as I can appreciate the unusual art form that the horse was… I’m not entirely sure it was appropriate entertainment for children in the middle of the afternoon. This was followed up by a gypsy-esque band made up of the most random group of people I’ve ever seen in my life… including a large man in a dress and an elderly woman wearing a Spice Girls style glitter-spangled dress. In between there was much bad dancing. We ummed and ah-ed most of the afternoon and early evening about going out and eventually decided that we would actually rather just head home and crash. Massive girls night out planned for next weekend though!

In other news, welcome to our new housemate, Wil, who moved in on Saturday and seems to be settling in rather well. Well, he hasn’t throttled any of us yet, so that’s a starting point! Lol!