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She’s got the X-factor

With London dissolving in torrential, tube-stopping rain, Candice and I decided to abandon all plans that involved leaving the house and OD on reality “talent” shows. Saturdays are good for that kind of thing, offering up Strictly Come Dancing and X-Factor. Candice and I, however, do not watch for the talent… we watch for the joy of judging everyone who appears, sinking into a nice warm blanket of bitchery. Comments last night included:

  • What the hell is she wearing? She looks like a Quality Street toffee!
  • Those dancers look like gay Miami vice being performed in the zoo.
  • They shouldn’t have put her in a corset, it’s just shoved all her flab out the bottom.
  • He’s leering at her like a dirty old man. Gross!
  • It’s all a bit High School Musical
  • I can’t believe she’s taken her shoes off. She just looks like a man in a dress anyway.

I am going to miss Candice very much. She is leaving on Tuesday to join her fiancé in Jordan for good. Originally the move was going to happen a little further down the line but Cands has been offered the job of a lifetime editing the Middle East’s answer to Cosmo… lucky girl! So goodbye to nights of pouting, singing crimps and obsessing about band boys! Good luck, chick… its going to be very quiet without you!