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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Over the last couple of weeks Little O has discovered the concept of snow. Our first “snow” experience involved fake snow in our local shopping mall. The have built a little wooden playpen and filled it with a sort of styrofoamy substance that looks like snow and made it available for small humans to romp in. Little O was an immediate fan.  Read more…

Pre-Xmas cheer with a heavy side of gloom

We’ve reached that time of the year where being in the office becomes a trial of willpower. The Christmas party has come and gone with all its unwanted revelations, fisticuffs, inappropriate outfits and brief romantic entanglements. The people who have children have taken leave and anyone who lives even slightly out of London has been snowed in.

And so the rest of us sit, pretending to work… grasping to find anything to do that will get us out of that horrible admin we’ve been putting off as something to do over the quiet Christmas period… some of it left over from last year when it turned out that actually spending three days looking up recipes and sending long, rambling emails to your friends around the world was a more constructive use of your time.

Once again it has snowed just enough to be annoying. Sarah and my planned trip to Cardiff was called off for the weekend and we are all surrounded by mountains of grey slush and painful train delays. However if you live within the boundaries of London, the trip to work is perfectly possible if not irritating. If it must snow I want a total white-out!

The upside of the cancelled journey was that we got to attend Jenn’s annual holiday baking party, which basically involves making and decorating a zillion cookies… well the ones that don’t get eaten before they have a chance for decoration.  I’ve nicked some pics from Helen that show the general chaos. A good time was very obviously had by all and massive thanks to Jenn, Claire and Sarah for letting us turn their kitchen into a bakery.

ACTION! Frank and I are in the background obiously having an odd conversation of some sort

Not sure if we're helping or hindering here...

Intense concentration

The house that Ab built... well... decorated anyway

Now we wait to find out if there will be more snow and we’ll all be stranded for Xmas… fingers crossed kids…

Snowbunnies of the Playboy Mansion

The snow did not let up at all yesterday and by early afternoon we were pretty deep in it. Check out how thick it was on our garden furniture!


Of course the general reaction of the London population was to play in it as much as possible and it wasn’t long before pictures of snowmen, sledding and picturesque garden photos were littering facebook. Even though we already had some amazing snaps like this one Kelly took out of the window next to my bedroom in the early morning, it was as if we had been issued a challenge and so Barb, Kelly and I started scheming over how we could get the most talked about album.


It didn’t take me long to put together a Playboy Mansion meets winter wonderland theme and the Girls Of The Playboy Mansion hit the back garden clad in bikinis, sunglasses and wellies. Cold? Not us!


Since we’re all exhibitionists at heart, we did end up out the front of our house too. Kelly and I even did a little dance. The passing traffic was puzzled at best. If you want to see the full adventure. Check out the pics here.


Our quiet afternoon indoors was a bit of a fail. Our Aussie neighbours were ready for a rematch and took to pitching snowballs at our lounge window until Kelly and accepted their challenge. We were outnumbered but fortunately reinforcements arrived in the form of Hilton and Tino who had just returned from an “arctic expedition” that somehow involved tequila and rolling a giant snowball from Raynes Park to Earlsfield. (Boys, who knows?) It was vicious. There were knee-slides, ambushes, snow shoved into every gap in the clothing and Hilton managed to head butt a car. I’m still not sure who won but I did manage to steal the penis off the snowman in their front garden…


Today the snow has stopped and is swiftly turning into brown sludge. I managed to made it in to work… even though it took me two hours and fifteen minutes. I am thinking the journey home is going to suck. Wish me luck! As frustrating as all this is it was totally worth it!

Walking like you’re stuck in velvet snow

London is blanketed in snow. More snow than I have ever seen in my life. It’s been coming down since 3pm yesterday and everything is a brilliant, beautiful shade of white. I’m not sure if the novelty will ever wear off for me. I’ve seen a fair amount of snow in my four and a half years here but once it started settling yesterday Kelly and I ran into the street like seven year olds.

After much running around and squealing in the “blizzard” we were joined by our Aussie neighbours and a snowball fight broke out. It seems this is the best way to get to know who lives on your road. My moment of pride came when I managed to nail one of the guys with a direct hit to the back of the head… and people said I throw like a girl.

Of course we couldn’t stop there and armed with the knowledge that Barb and Hilton were on their way home, Kelly and I began to prepare our arsenal. We made over 40 snowballs and launched our attack as they got out of their cab.

It was a complete free for all. I think Hilton may have come off the worst…


When we woke up this morning, it was still coming down and we now have a good eight inches of the cold stuff. London is not generally particularly snowy and the transport system has been brought to its knees. There are no buses and virtually no trains or tubes. Snow day! I am working from home and looking at the beautiful view out of my window. Apparently they are predicting another 12 inches this afternoon… I think we might be bunkered down for a while. Check out my pics here!

Disappearing penises, flaming tour buses, Satanic Sluts and more

My return to London has made me realise some of the things I missed the most when I was in SA…

–    Psychotically unpredictable weather
–    Soho, with all its insane weirdness
–    Indie boys
–    Music that was not picked by some lame radio station
–    The banter in my office
–    Scurrilous celebrity gossip

I’ll explain…

I knew I was back at work when I handed around the Cadbury’s Top Deck I had brought back from SA in an attempt to prove that SA chocolate is tastier and was swiftly slated by half the team. An argument about chocolate ensued in which it was declared that Galaxy is akin to crack in addictiveness. This was swiftly backed up by the comment, “yes, crack is rather more-ish”. Office banter, a reason for living.

I spent the evening with Josh and Sanna. Josh is giving Sanna her first tattoo as an 18th birthday present and they invited me along to Self Sacrifice as, I guess, a sort of facilitator. Tattoo artists tend to talk to “normal” people as if they are a bit random but since I now have a giant tattoo on my leg, for the first time I was regarded as “one of them” and the tone of conversation completely changed. We even did that thing that tattooed people do where they compare art. Everyone was very impressed with the one on my arm and Maio got a lot of pats on the back for it. Tonight Sanna will be getting some words of wisdom from Bob Dylan inked on her hip and I will be getting my apostrophes that Maio forgot the first time around. We are both swooning at his loveliness.

When we went into the shop it was cold but clear. When we came out it was hailing, like mad. No warning… just hail. The atmosphere was a bit loopy. Everyone was tearing around, the shop owners were trying to lure people into their shops and really it all just looked quite beautiful. We took it as a signal to retire to the Royal George. The George is always packed with weird and wonderful Soho-ites including lovely indie boys. In SA a kind of hyper, rugby-playing, beer swilling masculinity reigns supreme. It completely puts me off. So to be surrounded by lanky boys in skinny jeans with wild hair, crazy scarves and pointy shoes was a return a warm joyous place packed with eye candy.

We ended our evening with a delicious Italian dinner in a hideaway restaurant on Goodge Street. The staff were quite mad. When Josh handed his card over to pay and accidentally keyed in his pin a little early, the waiter declared that he was slowing down the process and would render said waiter with not even enough time to go to the toilet. He finished this off by saying, “by tomorrow I will have no penis.” We giggled all the way to the tube station. By the time I got home it was snowing… in October.

At the moment the talk of the town is Russell Brand’s latest round of dodgy behaviour. During a BBC2 Radio show where he had Jonathon Ross as a guest the two of them rung up Fawlty Towers star, Andrew Sachs, who they were supposed to interview. When he did not answer they left him some naughty little voice mails, including one claiming that Russell had had carnal knowledge of Sach’s granddaughter. This has lead to a national outcry where even Gordon Brown is demanding retribution and Russ has once again been suspended. Personally I don’t know what all the hullabaloo is about. The granddaughter, Georgina Baillie, is outraged… despite the fact that she is currently on tour with a Burlesque group called Satan’s Sluts and actually DID sleep with Russell. She’s not exactly the virgin Mary now, is she? There is a massive financial crisis going on and the Prime Minister is focused on badly behaved radio presenters… I love this country. Find out more here.

And in closing, I am very excited as Barb and I will be going to see Kill Hannah at the Astoria 2 tonight with My Passion opening. It’s both exciting and a relief since the gig almost didn’t happen. While on tour in Switzerland last week, the two bands shared tour bus caught fire and was incinerated. Fortunately everyone is fine but they have lost virtually all their personal possessions and have been reduced to performing in their own merch. You can see actual footage of the bus in flames on singer, Mat Devine’s, blog. I can admit that any casualties or injuries of either of these bands would have left me in a state of disrepair so the fact that all is well is cause for celebration. I will be taking along some fingerless gloves to help the boys ward off the cold! This news of course was passed on to me last week by Jen since no one in South Africa has heard of either band. They’re not as radio friendly as the consistent mindless dance music that Highveld and 5fm pump out, I guess.