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Universal Yums February 2018 box: France

I wasn’t massively excited when I found out February’s box was going to be France. I reckoned it would be a bit boring but I was totally wrong. Pretty much everything in the box was delicious and quite a few bits were things I had never eaten before. The flavours weren’t crazy or anything but they were still great. The French are, of course, known for their cuisine so I probably shouldn’t have been surprised that they pulled it out of the box (see what I did there).

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Chocolate from New Zealand

It was my birthday earlier this month and one of the best gifts I got was a care package from my friend, J, who lives in New Zealand. J and I have been friends for over 10 years and initially met when we both used to blog on Windows Live Spaces (yes, that was a thing). We hit it off so much that we took trips to visit each other (she was living in Australia at the time) and even ended up working together for a year.

J has gotten on board with my love of eating on camera so she sent me chocolate from New Zealand to try, along with a new pin, which is my latest obsession. You can check out J’s current blog here. And you can see what I thought of the Kiwi chocolate below. Read more…

Tastes of Israel

I have been having such a fun time sharing my stories and posts of trying food from around the world that some of my friends have started joining in and helping me get my hands on new flavours.

I met Y, through Instagram when we both did a challenge to post a selfie every day for 100 days. Since then we have chatted regularly through Instagram and gotten to know each other through our stories and posts. Y lives in Tel Aviv in Israel and is a computer science student. She was recently kind enough to send me some Israeli snacks, which I have documented tasting below. I also sent her some British things which I can’t wait to see her reaction to.

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Universal Yums October Box: Belgium

In October Mr O and I tasted snacks from… Belgium! Normally what makes the Universal Yums boxes really exciting is that we get to taste stuff that we have never tasted before or possible even heard of. Even with the South Korean box that we didn’t really like there was a weirdness factor that made it cool.

Unfortunately this is kind of where the Belgian box fell down. it wasn’t that the snacks weren’t nice. It was more that Belgium is maybe a little bit close to home. There was nothing in the box that I hadn’t tasted or seen before, especially since I have quite often traveled to Belgium for work. It just didn’t pack a flavour punch and most of what we tasted was very sweet. Anyway, this is what we had. Read more…

Universal Yums June box: Mexico

These days it seems there is a subscription box for almost everything. It all started with beauty samples (and I will admit I briefly got in on that) and then expanded out further and further to products for pets, fitness, children and everything in between. Mr O even gets vinyl from unsigned bands and razor blades. He actually contemplated getting a sock one but seriously, who needs that many socks.

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