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October GlossyBox

So the October GlossyBox has arrived… and kids, it’s a good one. I have to admit that I kind of haven’t really tried much from the September box. Largely because it was a bit, meh.

From what I did try:

The Rodial Snake Serum didn’t do anything noticeable. Maybe you need to put it on everyday but with just two little sachets, who knows?

The Lady Gaga perfume was divine and I have been gently hinting to everyone I know that I might like it for my birthday…

The absolute star of the box though was the Maghrabian Hair Oil. It took me a while to find out how to use it but once I discovered that you put in on before you blow dry your hair I fell in love. It has made a genuine difference to the condition of my hair, which is smoother and silkier than ever before.  Girding my loins for when it’s finished and I have to shell out £24 to buy a full sized bottle!

You can see the full contents of the box here.

This month I got:

Anatomicals Don’t just clean it woman, scrub it body scrub – this is a bit of a cheapie product but I was going to buy some body scrub so this saves me having to do that. Love a good scrub.

Olay Regenerist 3-Point Treatment Cream Fragrance Free – I already have a sample of this from Beauty Recommended that I haven’t tried yet but more moisturiser is always handy for one’s travel bag.

Skinetica Anti-Blemish – Supposed to sort out zits quickly. Proof will be in the pudding for this one, I think.

Yves Rocher France Moisturising Lipstick COLEURS NATURE: Mauve – This lipstick looks lush and I do like the colour. It’s perfect for autumn. When I did look at the other colour that was an option, I did kind of wish I got the other one.

Dr. Jart Premium BB Cream – I’ve been umming and ahing about buying a BB cream for a while and balking at the idea of spending over a tenner on something that might not work, so I’m really keen to give this a go. Might become a travelling make-up bag staple!

If anyone wants to sign up for Glossy Box you can do so here. The October box is still available for order.

September GlossyBox

Some of you will remember that I decided to try out a subscription to GlossyBox starting last month. You can check out what was in last month’s box here.

The contents varied in quality. I quite liked the Impress manicure, even though mine was the colour of fresh poo. I’d probably consider buying it for a special occasion if I was too broke/busy to get a manicure. The facial cleansing oil is also quite nice but the star out of the whole box is the GlossyBox special edition Kryolan lipstick that I am currently wearing every day.

On the not so good side, the “whitening” nail polish turned my nails a kind of sickly pink colour, like when they show you the hand of someone who’s been poisoned on CSI. The Lipcote stung so much when I put it on that I briefly thought I might pass out. Not sure what’s in there but I don’t think it’s good. The eye shadow reminded me a bit of something I got in a Tinkerbell gift set when I was seven. Bad, bad, bad quality.

In this month’s box I’ve got:

A sample of Lady Gaga – Fame fragrance. I’m not really one for celebrity fragrances but I have to admit that this one smells pretty good. Apparently it contains ‘tears of Belladonna, crushed heart of tiger orchidea, with a black veil of incense, pulverised apricot and the combinative essence of saffron and honey drops.” If you say so, love.

A sachet of Rodial – 5 Minute Facial. I love a quick home face mask. Was half tempted to try this at lunch time at work but then when I thought about spending the afternoon make-up free I changed my mind. Apparently it’s going to give me a youthful glow.

Also from Rodial a sachet of Snake Serum. Apparently this stuff is going to magically erase my expression lines. Is that a good thing? I really hope it doesn’t have actual snake in it…

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream. At 7ml, it’s a pretty good sample size. Smells nice and has 99% natural ingredients. It’ll definitely go into my travel toiletries bag.

Vichy Idealia Day Cream. With all the illuminating apparently coming from these products, I’m going to glow in the dark.

Maghrabian Hair Oil. Instructions on the product and the whole website are in Spanish. I’m not quite sure when I’m supposed to apply this stuff. If anyone can read Spanish, please help. Smells nice though.

If anyone would like to try out a box of their own, you can do it here. I’ll be back next month to report back on how the illumination is going.