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TV REVIEW: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – Part 4

Sabrina (Kiernan Shipka) is back and this time she’s dealing with the fact that Father Blackwood (Richard Coyle) has decided to release the Eldritch Terrors into the world. The Terrors are series of powerful forces, each worse than the next who want to do nothing but consume whatever they come across. If that wasn’t enough the fact that there are now two Sabrinas coexisting is throwing the realms out of whack and there’s a raft of standard teenage problems forever lurking in the background.

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TV Review: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – Part 2

Part two of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina sees Sabrina starting her new life at The Academy of Unseen Arts. She’s now a fully fledged witch involved in a burgeoning relationship with her classmate, Nick Scratch (Gavin Leatherwood) and throwing herself into her studies. It’s not long though before she realises that letting go of her mortal life won’t be that easy.

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TV REVIEW: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – Season 1

I am old enough to remember the first television outing of the Archie comic, Sabrina, The Teenage Witch. It was a sitcom that involved a half witch-half mortal teenage girl who lived with her aunts and her talking cat and got herself into funny, sticky situations involving magic. The new version in no way resembles the old version apart from a few character names. Some viewers are finding this a very hard transition. I am not one of them

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