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What I wore to work this week #24

This was a week of two halves temperature wise. Monday and Tuesday were cool and a bit rainy and then suddenly midweek the heatwave came back and it looks like it’s here to stay until the middle of next week. I was rather enjoying the cooler weather. I even managed to wear some trousers!

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What I wore to work this week #23

This week was roasting hot once again. I am continuing to work from home two days a week so I only have three outfits. I also travelled to Leeds for work on Tuesday so I have weird hotel room pictures again. Praying for slightly cooler weather next week.

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Full body Ugg boots, Borders ballet and potential chav sex

I’m starting to feel a bit like my weekend has caught up with me. I suppose it is long overdue and I deserve it but it still feels a bit like a shock to the system.

After the gig on Friday, I went to The Puzzle to join Hilton’s birthday party, which was already in full-swing. Everyone was most festive and I was overwhelmed by the level of excitement my arrival generated. Of course the closing of the Puzzle rarely signals the end of the party for us and a select few headed for the Playboy Mansion to continue. I think some of us still believe we’re 18 because the next thing I knew it was 8am and we’d managed to keep it going the entire night. For some reason the party ended up taking place in my bedroom and I have some interesting souvenirs, including a little abstract drawing that someone did on the back of Frank’s manual in my £16 Urban Decay eyeliner and some mascara… ah the casualties of partying like a rockstar.

Any hope I might have had for respite from the relentless party pace on Saturday disappeared when Lyndon reminded Fi and I that we had promised to accompany him to the West End for shopping. I think the three of us as a combination would not be a model for sanity on a good day but hungover and sleep deprived it moved onto a new level. Lyndon has recently taken to speaking only in the voice of Lord Julian from Madagascar and I quickly learned that you can adapt any song to the words of “I like to move it, move it”. Fi was given the nickname, Maurice, and summarily ordered around. Her tasks included standing still while Lyndon balanced his books on her head so he could rearrange his bags and clearing the “riff raff” from his path. Of course I haven’t got a leg to stand on… at the time I was doing ballet in Borders.

The highlight of the day was going to Forbidden Planet. It is a place I should never have found out existed. It sells all kinds of geekification. Figurines, toys, games, trading cards. We were like kids at Christmas. In the end I only bought a set of Doctor Who figurines (I have my own Doctor… he might only be 5in tall but he’s MINE ALL MINE… mwahahahahaha) but I seriously contemplated the miniature Boosh dolls as well as a Jack Skellington with interchangeable heads for different expressions. I will be back, oh yes, I will be back.

Other achievements for the day included Lyndon’s desire to create a full body Ugg boot, the discovery the most London residents have had their hair done in a dog parlour and Maurice and I becoming convinced that they were attempting to use the music the G-Shock shop to control our minds.

Yesterday it was back to shopping, this time with Kelly at Southside. Not as glamorous but equally ridiculous. I’d particularly like to thank the chavs who “made our lunch” by mentioning (in ear shot) as we left Nando’s that they could “do” us both. Probably not, boys. Probably not. Also I’d like to apologise to the Boots staff who were clearly turning the lights on and off in the store to try and make Kelly and I leave. At the time we just thought they were having power issues and continued to shop. I can gladly say I made my way home with half of River Island again… when I am living on the street surrounded by grey tops and cult figurines, please make sure you give me your change…