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MOVIE REVIEW: Four Christmases (2008)

Kate (Reese Witherspoon) and Brad (Vince Vaughan) have focused their whole relationship on fun. They don’t have heavy conversations, marriage and kids are off the table and they avoid their dysfunctional families at Christmas at all costs. But when the two are spotted on TV trapped in San Francisco after a spate of flight cancellations they are forced to reconsider. Now they’ll have to fit in four different Christmases with their divorced parents and hope their relationship survives the day.

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TV REVIEW: Big Little Lies – Season 2

WARNING: If you intend to watch season one, this review contains content that could be considered season one spoilers.

A year has passed in Monterey since the death of Perry Wright (Alexander Skarsgaard) and the five women who witnessed his untimely end are trying to move on with their lives and forget what happened.

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TV REVIEW: Big Little Lies – Season 1

I have been hearing about Big Little Lies for ages and with a cast that includes some of the best actresses in the business at the moment, I could not resist delving in when the full first season got added back onto to Now TV.

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