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A belated Halloween post

So I know Halloween was like four days ago but I couldn’t resist posting some pictures of my costume. My book club decided to meet on Halloween so we agreed to come as book characters. I was Alice in Wonderland… but dead.

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The cool thing was that we had a fancy dress competition at work as well so I got to wear this awesome look all day. Unfortunately I didn’t win because I was pipped to the post by a homicidal nun.

Post book club we headed to a bar called Project Orange, where Mr O and some of his band members were hanging out. I think the two of us make a frankly terrifying couple.


Poor Mr O had some trouble getting all the fake blood off but fortunately since he recently started working at the London Dungeon, he probably has one of the few jobs where it’s okay to look like you’ve been on a murder spree.

Vegas tattoos, frulli and teenage snogging

Oh… I do not feel well but if you drink seven or eight pints of  frulli you must bear the consequences.

So last night I had a date with the real live human boy at Project Orange, which is a rock bar in Clapham. I kinda like that nickname so we’re going to call him that or RLHB for short. I’ve got to admit that on the way to meet RLHB I was really nervous. He seemed so good on paper (or onscreen is maybe more apt since it was an internet date) that I was convinced it could only go horribly wrong… optimism, not my strong point.

Fortunately my concerns were unfounded… not only was RLHB as cute as his pics… he was even more interesting than his emails had indicated. We whiled away the evening talking about gigs (it’s borderline frightening how many of the same gigs we’ve been to), inspecting each others’ tattoos (he got two of his in Vince Neil’s tattoo shop in Vegas… could he be any cooler?) and exchanging random band encounter stories.

I might have kissed him… ok we  might have made out in a corner like teenagers and we might even have already made plans to see each other on Sunday. He might even have insisted on waiting for me to get my bus causing him to miss his. I might kinda sorta like RLHB…

In other news my mum bought her ticket today to come and visit in London in September and they’re opening a visa centre in Port Elizabeth which is going to make it so much easier for her to get everything sorted. I am so excited.