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What I wore to work this week #10

Over the weekend I watched an episode of America’s Next Top Model where Tyra Banks gave some tips on how to take better mirror selfies. One of her suggestions was to drop your phone down when you want to show the whole outfit from the side. I decided to give it a go this week… and I am not sure about the results. My Instagram followers weren’t sure either and I got mixed reviews. What do you guys think?

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What I wore to work this week #9

There was no “What I wore to work” post last week because I never actually physically made it into the office. I spent the first two days of the week in our Dusseldorf office (which was nice because they have an in-house barista and unlimited coffee). Then it snowed like the end of days and I wasn’t actually able to travel to work for the rest of the week and spent my time in front of my laptop in sweatpants #sorrynotsorry. This week, however, the freeze has lifted, the sun is out and I am back at my desk… although somewhat grumpy about the fact that my fringe has grown like a weed and I look like a shaggy dog. Read more…

What I wore to work this week #8

This week had been miserable and pretty cold again. I am normally a winter fan, but even I am looking forward to when the weather is a bit warmer and I can actually wear a dress or skirt without tights. In the meantime though I am still trying to balance fashion with not freezing my arse off.

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What I wore to work this week #7

This week was absolutely freezing at the beginning so I was extremely grateful for the new boots I bought last week. My knee-high boots broke at the zip and they were on their last legs so I was lucky to bag a bargain in the sales. Happy days! Read more…

What I wore to work this week #6

This week I actually went into my normal office for four days in a row for the first time in six weeks, which seems mad. So this time there are four outfits. It was freezing during the week so I had to try and balance out style and warmth. I am not sure I succeeded!

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What I wore to work this week #4

I made another trip to Havant this week Wednesday so I am once again missing an outfit picture for the week. It wouldn’t have been a very happy picture though since there were horrible train delays and the weather was vile. You’ve missed out on nothing!

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What I wore to work this week #1

So after a pretty positive reception I have decided to crack on with a weekly “what I wore to work” post. I only physically go in to work 4 days a week and for the rest of the time I live in jeans and sweatshirts so there will usually be 4 outfits a week. This week there are 3 as Monday was a bank holiday. Photos are from my Instagram stories and are taken in the work bathroom, so don’t expect amazing quality.

Where possible I will link to where you can buy what I am wearing (or similar) but some of my wardrobe has been around for some time so lots of things probably aren’t on sale anymore.

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New Primark opens on Oxford Street… our verdict

For close on about two years now, the former site of the Virgin Megastore on the Tottenham Court Road end of Oxford Street has been a building site. Throughout the weeks and month that it was covered in scaffolding various suppositions were made about what it might be turned into, until it was eventually revealed that the Soho side of London’s biggest shopping street was getting its very own Primark Flagship store.

The news spread through the female component (and occasional bits of the male component, mostly for socks you see) in my office like wildfire. Our very own Primani, as big as the Marble Arch one and close enough to pop into at lunch or after work without a huge detour to the other side of Oxford Street. It was almost as big as the Olympics (well not really, but pretty big you know).

As the new store started to take shape and the scaffolding came down, we peered hungrily at the covered up storefront, waiting, hoping that the opening date would be soon… despite this rather bizarre endorsement. I mean, have you seen what the Soho pigeons look like…

Finally a launch date appeared on the posters and we salivated and counted down. The 20th of September. D-Day.

Of course I couldn’t resist making a visit on the opening day and Jen and I agreed that we would each bring £20 with us, scour the shop and see what we could get. Compared to most Primark’s the store is lighter, shinier, tidier and absent of chavs with pushchairs. It is so big though that it’s a bit overwhelming, which left us a bit spoilt for choice.

The ground floor has a pretty impressive range of slightly more expensive (like New Look expensive not H&M expensive) trendier and limited edition ranges that you don’t find in your suburban Primarks. But never fear if you are after the slightly crap t-shirts with Lady Gaga on them, you’ll find them on the second floor along with the accessories. Even in such glamorous surroundings I’m still a bit disappointed that their shoes run small, which makes it hard for me to buy any that fit my mega size 8 feet, but the selection is a lot better than most.

I’m not sure if news of this new retail behemoth hadn’t spread beyond Soho locals but it was relatively quiet with no queue to pay. However, I still wouldn’t arrive expecting to try anything on unless you had unlimited time.

For Jen’s £24 (she couldn’t bear to leave either item so she cheated a little), she got a sheer, floor-length partially lined silver skirt and this cool abstract patterned dipped hem top.

For £16 I got this limited edition black and gold dipped hem top (EVERYTHING has a dipped hem this season) and floral canvas slip-ons that I love.

I will be forced to walk passed the new Primark on my way home from work every day… I can’t help but worry that it’s going to be a bit like a black hole for me. Only time will tell…