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TV REVIEW: The Capture – Limited Series

During a celebration of his acquittal on the basis of flawed CCTV former United Kingdom Special Forces Lance Corporal Shaun Emery (Callum Turner) kisses his barrister, Hannah Roberts (Laura Haddock) and sees her off on the bus home. The next morning Hannah has vanished and the CCTV seems to show that Shaun is responsible.

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TV REVIEW: Chernobyl – Mini-Series

In April 1986 a nuclear reactor exploded in the Soviet town of Chernobyl. In the wake of the devastation that occurred a group of scientists and one brave administrator worked to try to get to the bottom of the cause while also coming up with strategies for limiting the damage. But in a world where the truth will do anything but set you free, it’s like swimming upstream with no fins.

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