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So what? I’m still a rockstar…

I think we should have known from how last night started what kind of evening it was going to end up being… as Barb, Kelly and I got ready to put on our rockstar costumes, we discovered two unmarked DVDs lying in our doorway. Because we are curious young ladies it was essential that we find out what was on said DVDs. I think we all kind of wished we hadn’t. It turned out to be home made porn starring very unattractive middle-aged people. Cue much hysterical squealing. We still have no idea where it came from but if someone paid for it, they got ripped off!

Seeing everyone dressed up made for some very interesting pairings you would never see in real life. Avril Lavigne making out with Billy-Joe Armstrong? Tina Turner holding hands with Angus Young? Cher on Lenny Kravitz’s lap? Actually that  last one probably could happen… The whole crew looked fabulous but special mentions have to go to Barb as Tina Turner, Dawn (who bravely walked down the high street in a leotard) as Cher and the winner, Tino as Alice Cooper.

I got way too much into character and decided I was going to drink like a rockstar leading me to already being mangled by the time Fabio arrived at nine, looking ridiculously gorgeous as Brendon Urie. The drunkenness lead to bad behaviour. My ex was at the party and as he and I can be inclined to do when schmangled, we got a little reacquainted. Poor guy got stuck dealing with my rockstar demands.

When Suburban closed and we all left I promptly sat down on the side of the road and demanded that he bring me food, which he very kindly did. He headed home with me but in the way he and I are inclined to do, we had a massive fight on the side of the road and I stormed off alone. I have absolutely no idea what the fight was about though. Looking back this morning, the whole thing is hilarious.

All in all it was an awesome evening. Thank-you to my wonderful friends for making such an effort with their costumes. These are a few if my favourite snaps from the party.

Tina Turner

Here come the girls

Brendon Urie

Billy Joe and Alice Cooper

Older? Yes. Wiser? Highly unlikely.

So today is my birthday. I am officially 28. 28… such a weird age. It’s not quite 30 but it’s kind of distanced from the younger 20’s… 29 is basically 30 anyway, so I suppose it’s the last real year of my 20’s… damn! I guess I have never really been the type to imagine what my future would be like. I never had a life plan. So I’m kinda sitting here going, when I was 15… 20… 25 is this where I thought I’d be at 28 and to be honest I have no idea!

Am I happy? Well in the last year I have done some things that made life very much worth living… I saw more bands than ever. I wrote the first half of my first novel. I met my muses. I went to two festivals. I got more tattoos. I partied with my friends. I loved and was loved by so many amazing people.

Is there more I want? Fuck, yeah! Please send book deal and tall, lanky rock star with mad hair, tattoos and complete devotion to me… and a British passport! But it’s all good… I’m only 28 and there’s all the time in the world. So for now… pass me my vodka, my shiny leggings and my wig. There is a rockstar party on Saturday and I need to get my Joan Jett on…


Birthday Cake

P.S. Does anyone else think that now that Dubya is no longer the president of the US that he should hang out with Russell Brand? Both are former substances abusers and both have problems with saying the wrong thing in public. I think they’d have a great time together… especially if Russell gets to decide the wardrobe…