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Little O’s quarterly update: 3

Age: 3
I like: Bananas, Dancing to “I Like to Move it”, my paddling pool, riding my trike, playing with my friends

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Little O’s quarterly update – 2 3/4

Age: 2 3/4
I like: Boobs, red apples, Kinder Eggs, the Gummi Bear song, Monsters Inc., jumping on and off things

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Little O’s quarterly update – 2 1/2

Age: 2.5
I like: Boobs, superheroes, kisses, wrestling my mother, bananas, the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song

Little O has now reached the halfway mark between 2 and 3 so it’s once again time to check in on his progress.

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Little O’s 2nd birthday party in pictures

Last week Saturday we hosted Little O’s second birthday party in our garden. I know some people think having birthday parties for toddlers is silly and a waste of energy but seeing the absolute joy on his face as he tore around the garden with friends and family was definitely worth the effort he put in. He might not have know it was his birthday but he did know he was having a good time. As is very obvious from the pictures it was a pirate party… and yes, I did make the cake.

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2 year update

Age: 2 years
I like: Smoothies, boobs, cars, spraying people with the hose pipe, animals, pretending to be a monkey



Monkey impersonation

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23 month update

Age: 23 months
I like: Watching nursery rhymes on YouTube, being swung through the air, playing with cars, singing in the bath, giving kisses, flirting with my neighbours’ daughter through the fence
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22 month update

Age: 22 months
I like: Bing, being outdoors, singing, boobs, cuddles, raspberries, soup, going for walks
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21 month update

Age: 21 months
I like: Boobs, trains, cars, jelly, babychinos, slides, kisses, loud punk music
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20 month update

Age: 20 months
I like: hot cross buns, boobs, animal noises, singing to myself
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19 month update

Age: 19 months
I like: Go Jetters, dinosaurs, kisses, boobs, saying “nana”, vinyl

Unbelievably 19 months have passed and Little O is bigger than ever. Let’s see what he’s been up to.

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18 month update

Age: 18 months
I like: All the food, boobs, dancing, other children, The Stick song, being naked

Little O has achieved his second half birthday and is officially closer to two than one. Let’s see how he is doing.

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Over the last couple of weeks Little O has discovered the concept of snow. Our first “snow” experience involved fake snow in our local shopping mall. The have built a little wooden playpen and filled it with a sort of styrofoamy substance that looks like snow and made it available for small humans to romp in. Little O was an immediate fan.  Read more…

17 month update

Age: 17 months
I like: Asking for kisses, Justin’s House, riding my bike, playing musical instruments, cuddles, peanut butter toast

Seventeen whole months! Let’s see what Little O has been up to.

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Tricks and treats

Age: 16 1/3 months
I like: Saying no, chocolate digestives, indie rock of the angry feminist persuasion, sitting in boxes and drawers, riding my trike – sometimes sideways, boobs

In the last week the O family has experienced both tricks and treats, which of course ties in nicely with Halloween. Read more…

16 month update

Age: 16 1/4 months
I like: Leaves, Topsy and Tim, Dancing, Boobs, waving

Little O is officially 16 months old. Let’s see how he is getting on.

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The first night away

Age: 15 3/4 months
I like: Waving, cats, kissing – but not on demand, pizza

Earlier this week I went away overnight for the first time on my own. The company I work for has locations all over the UK and Europe and in a few other locations from South Africa to Honduras so sometimes a bit of travel is required. Since I returned from maternity leave I have not had anything urgent to attend that I haven’t been able to turn around in a day. There was a conference in Brussels I really wanted to go to so Mr O and I decided it was time to bite the bullet and go for it. Read more…


Age: 15 1/2 months
I like: Biscuits, the neighbours’ cats, boobs, the toilet, combing mummy’s hair (aggressively), gumbo

A couple of weeks ago we received a text message from Little O’s nursery to say that there was a confirmed case of chicken pox in the  toddler room. My immediate response was denial. I decided that since Little O was in the baby room and probably not licking toddlers it would be fine and he would not get pox. Read more…

The sibling question

Age: 15 1/3 months
I like: Porridge, bread sticks, mega bloks, pushing my walker, cats, boobs, not walking

There was a time I was fairly sure I would want two children – probably in quick succession considering my age and how long it took me to get pregnant with Little O. Since Little O was born though I have found my opinion somewhat changed. Read more…

15 month update

Age: 15 months
I like: The Wiggles, dancing, demanding to go in the garden when it’s raining, being upside down, boobs

Little O is now one and a quarter years old. He has had a tough week or so with teething and a cold that Mr O has described as “like the plague” (he has it too). Fortunately he appears to be bouncing back despite still being a massive mucus factory so let’s see how he’s doing. Read more…

Summer holiday adventures

Age: 14 1/3 months
I like: Rice cakes, peaches, ice cream, stealing biscuits, pointing at the door and shouting, “go”, boobs, putting random stuff in the washing machine.

It’s been a bit quiet over here as the entire O clan has been in Menorca for a week on our summer holiday. Menorca is one of the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain and is well known for beautiful beaches and balmly weather. This has made it a favourite holiday destination of the O’s in years gone by but this was their first trip in 10 years and my first ever.  Read more…