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Things I have been cooking lately #168: Ricotta pancakes

What’s the smartest way to use up leftover ricotta cheese, you ask? I decided it was by making pancakes. Usually in this house we make more crepe style pancakes because Mr O isn’t really a fan of the American ones… and I have managed to cock them up royally each time I have tried to make them. These however were very easy and very delicious and definitely a good use of leftover ricotta. Plus if no one else will eat them and you can manage your greed, the batter keeps well.



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Things I have been cooking lately #9: Pancake bites

I accidentally invented this dessert while attempting another recipe that went a bit wrong. It was such a hit though that it’s become one of my signature desserts. Although recently one of my dinner guests pointed out that the pancake bites would work really well as a breakfast food served with bacon and eggs… so go out and experiment and tell me what you come up with.

Pancake bakes with strawberry sauce

110g plain flour

A pinch of salt

2 large eggs

200ml milk

50ml water

250g strawberries, quartered

100g sugar

50g butter

500ml tub of good quality vanilla ice-cream

Preheat the oven and butter a 12 hole muffin tin. Sieve the flour and salt into a large bowl and then push to the sides to make a well. Crack the eggs into the middle of the well and then whisk them, letting a little bit of the flour mix with the egg. Mix together the water and the milk. Add a little of the milk mixture to the egg and keep whisking slowly adding more milk and incorporating more flour. By the time you have added all the milk, you should have incorporated all the flour. Then whisk like mad for a couple of minutes to make sure you’ve gotten rid of any lumps.

Use a ladle to evenly divide the pancake batter between the holes in the tin. Bake at 220 (200 for a fan oven) for 12 minutes.

In the meantime put the butter, sugar and strawberries in a small non-stick pot over a high heat and stir constantly. It should bubble like crazy for about 10 minutes. The sugar will melt, the strawberries with go soft and you’ll end up with a glorious red syrupy mess.

Take the pancake bites out of the oven and put two in each bowl while still warm, drizzle over some of the strawberry syrup and add a scoop of ice-cream. Prepare to be amazed.

Serves 6