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What I wore to work last week #3

Last week I did actually do four days of travelling in to work. For one of them I went to the Havant office of the company I work for and they don’t have a photo friendly bathroom so no picture of Wednesday. It was freezing this week because of big, windy storms and I haven’t been feeling very well so I think my outfits are more subdued this week… except for when I wore my lucky dress for a slightly secret reason that I can’t tell you about yet.

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What I wore to work last week #2

Last week was a bit of an odd one for me. I only actually went to my office two days of the week as I had to travel to Berlin for my annual work conference. I was nominated to present on stage in front of over 2,000 people so I had to spend a day in rehearsals before the actual big day of speaking. This was followed by an evening event where we all got very dressed up… so I have cheated a little and included my evening outfit in this week’s work looks. I mean I didΒ technically wear it to work.Β  Read more…

What I wore to work this week #1

So after a pretty positive reception I have decided to crack on with a weekly “what I wore to work” post. I only physically go in to work 4 days a week and for the rest of the time I live in jeans and sweatshirts so there will usually be 4 outfits a week. This week there are 3 as Monday was a bank holiday. Photos are from my Instagram stories and are taken in the work bathroom, so don’t expect amazing quality.

Where possible I will link to where you can buy what I am wearing (or similar) but some of my wardrobe has been around for some time so lots of things probably aren’t on sale anymore.

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A potential new feature: what I wore

A long time ago I used to post pictures of my favourite outfits on this blog. I really miss doing that. Over the past few months I have been posting my work outfits on my Instagram stories. It is a bit of a running joke as I take the photos in the bathroom. I have been considering doing a weekly round-up of what I wore on the four days I went into the office each week.

I am no fashion blogger but I love seeing what people wore so I thought my readers might like to see what I wore. Let me know what you think.

Outfit of the week #62

So I haven’t posted an Outfit of the week since September, mostly because my photographer/husband has a new job (his actual job title is Dungeon Keeper… yes really)Β and trying to do morning photoshoots in the dark is a bit of a challenge when everyone is trying to get ready at once. It’s also because I am a bit lazy. I have really missed putting together (hopefully) cute outfits to share with all of y’all so I am making an effort to bring back fashion fabulous to this blog.

This is the outfit I wore to Mr O and my Valentine’s breakfast date. I am wearing an olive green parka from Primark, a red and white striped jumper from ASOS, boyfriend fit distressed denim shorts from New Look, Mr O’s black leather belt – origins unknown, black tights from Primark and a pair of quilted black leather boots I bought at Bentalls, unfortunately I can’t remember the label.

wpid-20150214_101733.jpg wpid-20150214_101742.jpg wpid-20150214_101756.jpg wpid-20150214_101800.jpg wpid-20150214_101804.jpg wpid-20150214_101815.jpg wpid-20150214_101827.jpg wpid-20150214_101855.jpg

Outfit of the week #61

Today’s outfit was inspired by Grown and Curvy Woman, which has recently featured some fab posts about plaid (as they call it in the States) and faux trends. I’ve jumped on the bandwagon and combined both in one shirt!

Today I am wearing a pink, blue and black tartan shirt with a faux leather collar from ASOS, black stone-washed “mom” jeans from River Island, a pair of tan leather, fringed brogues from Office and a bronze tie necklace from Dorothy Perkins.

wpid-20140930_075650.jpg wpid-20140930_075656.jpg wpid-20140930_075702.jpg wpid-20140930_075710.jpg wpid-20140930_075721.jpg wpid-20140930_075726.jpg


Outfit of the week #38: Lumberjack chic?

I have to admit that I am only a recent convert to the check shirt brigade. I still have 90s grunge memories of totally shapeless things I wore in my teens that make me shudder. However when I found the shirt I am wearing in this outfit it definitely opened my eyes to the possibilities. Although my mum-in-law had to convince me to even try it on because I was worried the colour was going to clash with my hair. This is a super casual, understated look perfect for a lazy day.

I am wearing a long length red and black flannel shirt and navy high-waisted skinny jeans from both from New Look with my grey suede Nike Blazers from Foot Locker.





Outfit of the week #33: hot hearts

I have to apologise for the fact that most of these photos were taken in my kitchen but it’s still more dark than light at the moment in London and it’s the only room in our house that has enough light to actually attempt a photograph indoors.

In this outfit I’m wearing a maroon and cream heart print shirt from New Look, a denim pinafore dress from Topshop, black tights from Primark, black leather ankle boots from Office and my faux pearl necklace from Accessorize.

This dress, which was a birthday gift from my mother-in-law is fast becoming a favourite. It’s really flattering because it comes in at the narrowest part of your body and then cleverly flares out to cover any jelly bellies or jiggly bums. It also has pockets, which are always, always a good thing.