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She’s got such hot legs

I am pleased to report that my shower has been fixed and is back in use. It was most definitely worth being booted out of my bathroom for a week because I now have shower doors that close smoothly and tightly… previously the doors were falling off the runners and often they wouldn’t seal on the sides so water would fly out. The cracked tiles are also all gone, the damp and cracks have been repaired and painted over. For me it’s like having a new bathroom… and for Mich hopefully no more mini-floods every time I decide to get clean. Now if the landlord would just fix the walls, the collapsed floorboard in the hall and the kitchen cabinets and give us a new fridge, we’d be on the road to success.

Right now the biggest pro is that I will be able to shower and keep my tattoo out of the water. I had forgotten how small the downstairs shower is. If you are in it with the door closed all of you is getting wet… end of. My shower is bigger and so I can stick my leg out of the water apart from when I am cleaning it… I intend to celebrate the new bathroom by dyeing my hair… and praying that I don’t turn all the new grouting red! Schwarzkopf have introduced a new even oranger shade of the range I use… Hayley Williams hair, here I come!

Speaking of the tattoo… it is still very much in the gross stage. The excess ink is still coming out and it is very red. Oh and if anyone needs a hot water bottle I am happy to rest my leg against them for warmth. My body is, of course, trying very hard to heal the inked area and so it’s radiating heat.

Today’s obsession is The Nightmare Before Christmas. This claymation gem from the mind of the always bizarre Tim Burton feels like a walk through my imagination. The story goes behind the scenes of “Halloween Town” where the weird, mismatched, nightmare characters spend their time preparing for 31 October and making each Halloween scarier than the year before. The problem is that their top scarer, Jack Skellington is becoming a bit disillusioned with frightening people. When he accidentally ends up in Christmas Town and sees the festivities, he sends his minions to kidnap “Sandy Claws” so he can hijack the holiday. Unfortunately the other Halloween residents don’t really “get” Christmas and things go horribly wrong. Added to this we have a gorgeous love story between Jack and “Frankstein’s Ragdoll”, Sally and a deliciously creepy soundtrack. To be honest, I prefer Jack’s version of the festive season so if it were up to me we’d have Halloween on Christmas every year!