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What I wore to work this week #34

This week was a bit less confusing weather-wise. It has definitely properly cooled down and I’ve had less stress about overheating in the middle of the day. I am enjoying getting some of my more wintery clothes back into the mix.

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What I wore to work this week #32

The weather continues to be strange and unpredictable. It was freezing on Monday and then warmed up massively for the rest of the week… although I think I dressed more optimistically than most. I think it’s time to accept that Thursday was my last tights-free outfit for a while.

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What I wore to work this week #10

Over the weekend I watched an episode ofΒ America’s Next Top Model where Tyra Banks gave some tips on how to take better mirror selfies. One of her suggestions was to drop your phone down when you want to show the whole outfit from the side. I decided to give it a go this week… and I am not sure about the results. My Instagram followers weren’t sure either and I got mixed reviews. What do you guys think?

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