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The baby chronicles #9: A series of unfortunate events

Weeks old: 9
I like: Being bounced around, lying in the middle of mummy and daddy’s bed like a pimp, boobs
Mummy is learning: To sit still and let daddy take care of her

So if you read my last baby chronicles blog you’d be expecting this blog to be written from South Africa. It wasn’t. The O family is not in South Africa as expected because of the small matter of an emergency surgery.

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The baby chronicles #8: Things I underestimated how much time I’d spend doing

Weeks old: 8
I like: The pictures of mummy and daddy’s wedding on the wall, when daddy plays with my nose, boobs
Daddy is learning: To keep an eye on me when he leaves me on the sofa

I have heard a lot of people say they were completely blind-sided by what taking care of a baby was like on a day-to-day basis and I can understand why because there really is nothing that can quite describe it. For me I wouldn’t say it was a total shock that my days would melt together, or that I’d be taken over by baby related activities or that there would be sleepless nights. I certainly didn’t feel like the woman in that infamous article who was shocked that she didn’t spend her maternity leave eating salad in restaurants and getting pedicures. However, there are some activities that I definitely underestimated how much time I’d end up devoting to.

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The baby chronicles #7: Don’t ask me…

Weeks old: 7
I like: Mummy’s terrible singing, boobs, white noise, staring at things no one else can see
Mummy is learning: To make up her own songs. “Have you done a poop?” being a popular hit

When you have a tiny baby there is a series of questions everyone asks you. I think pre-baby I might have asked some of these questions myself. So I am going to let you in on a secret, no one wants to be asked these questions unless it’s by another mum, in the same boat who is genuinely offering you a venting space. Here are my answers so we can all just move on.

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The baby chronicles #6: Things on the mind of the new mum

Weeks old: 6
I like: Grabbing mummy’s hair, boobs, dancing to Alkaline Trio with daddy
Mummy is learning: To tie up her hair, to like Alkaline Trio

So I am 6 weeks into this mum lark and some of the fog is starting to lift… sometimes. While Little O still does most of his sleeping on me, he does longer stretches of it most nights which means I am getting just about enough broken sleep to function as a human being. Not a human being who could do things like work at an actual outside the home job for money or do calculus but one who can dress, eat and keep a small human alive. (As a side note, how on earth do American mums who only get 6 weeks of maternity leave, usually unpaid, cope with returning to work at this stage???).

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The baby chronicles #5: Things I wish I knew about having a newborn baby before I had a newborn baby

Weeks old: 5
I like: Bathing with daddy, boobs, licking the strap in my pushchair (??)
Mummy is learning: To bring me downstairs for a change of scenery when I am screaming in the middle of the night

Little O is now 5 weeks old and I feel like I sort of have a vague idea of how to look after him… for now. It is definitely very true though that there is absolutely nothing that can prepare you for what being responsible for a tiny human being is like. There are some things though that I think it would have been helpful to know before he was born and I wanted to share them with you in case you’re thinking of spawning a small person or you already have one and want to reminisce/commiserate or if you just want a good laugh.

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The baby chronicles #4: Never let me go

Weeks old: 4
I like: Sleeping on mummy, boobs (no surprise),being in my bouncer… for about 10 minutes
Mummy is learning: Not to look in the mirror, to hold me upright after I have eaten

Tomorrow Little O will be a whole month old and miraculously we have not dropped or drowned him or let him get stolen by gypsies. I am secretly somewhat proud of this.


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The baby chronicles #3: The great relocation

Weeks old: 3
I like: Riding in the car, boobs (always), my play mat
Mummy is learning: How to avoid a surprise wee, not to take my hatred of baths personally

The last couple of weeks has been pretty busy for Mr O, Little O and me since we moved house. It probably sounds like a crazy thing to do with a newborn baby but our lease was up and we’ve been considering moving closer to Mr and Mrs O senior for a while so we decided to bite the bullet and just go for it. Although I have to admit that I didn’t do an awful lot. Read more…

The baby chronicles #2: A week of firsts

Weeks old: 1
I like: Being in my pushchair, boobs (still), daddy cuddles… but only at certain times of the day
Mummy is learning: How to eat with one hand, how to sleep sitting up


Milk coma

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The baby chronicles #1: He’s here

Weeks old: 0.5
I love: Being held folded in half like I was in the womb, boobs, sleeping on daddy’s chest

So this is my first baby chronicle. I am not sure how frequent they will be. I think it’s going to depend very much on how much time I find and when I find it but I wanted to share the story of Little O’s arrival into the world before I start forgetting bits of it. I am pre-warning everyone that this post is going to be relatively graphic so if words like cervix and mucus plug make you cringe, don’t read this post. Just look at the pictures. Read more…