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What I wore to work this week #22

This week my team moved floors within our office. We’ve been taking up more space than we should have been and have been relegated to a smaller group of desks. This has had two consequences for me. The first is that the floor I am now based on does not have a selfie mirror so I have to sneak up to the floor I used to be on for photos. The second is that there are not enough desks for all of us to come in 4 or 5 days a week so it’s now likely I will be working from home twice a week on most weeks, which means one less outfit.

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What I wore to work this week #21

It was another scorcher this week in London, so once again I wore some of my summeriest clothes. On Tuesday my department at work had a picnic in Regent’s Park so I even got to rock my dungarees!

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