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TV REVIEW: Good Omens – Mini Series

Angel, Aziraphale (Michael Sheen) and demon, Crowley (David Tennant) have been quietly co-operating for millennia. They’ve both become rather fond of earth-life and humans and the bureaucracy of both of their higher powers has enabled them to fly under the radar and enjoy life.

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Six Degrees of Separation Blogathon

Last week the brilliant Fernando over at Committed to Celluloid challenged me to join in on the Six Degrees of Separation Blogathon, which was started by Nostra at My Filmviews, in association with Dutch blog De Protagonisten.


The idea
There is a theory that in only six steps you can link anyone to any other person in the world. This blogathon is based on this theory.

So how does this blogathon work?
In Nostra’s words:

“As you know I have done several relay races in the past and have heard from several bloggers that they wished they would get a chance to participate as well, but since there was only one baton the chances would be small to get it assigned. So to go with the theme of this blogathon I decided to increase those chances sixfold and assign this blogathon to six bloggers who can then each hand over the baton to another blogger… at the end of your post you’ll have to assign it to that blogger and set the endgoal for him/her, who will start with the movie/actor/director the previous blogger ended with and make the connection to the assigned end goal in six or less steps.”

Fernando asked me to connect Marion Cotillard with Top Gun (blimey), so here goes…

1. Top Gun was directed by Tony Scott


2. Tony Scott is the brother of Ridley Scott


3. Ridley Scott Directed Kingdom of Heaven


4. Which briefly starred Michael Sheen (so briefly I can’t actually find a picture of him in it)


5. Michael Sheen appeared in Midnight in Paris


6. Which was absolutely stolen by Marion Cotillard


Whoop! So with that, I would like to pass the torch to the beautiful and talented Zoë over at The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger and I’d like her to connect Marion Cotillard with Sherlock Holmes (The Robert Downey Junior One).