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Film Friday… week 83


After discovering the secrets of “miniaturisation”, scientists shrink down pilot, Tuck Pendleton (Dennis Quaid) with the intention of injecting him into a rabbit to explore its inner workings. When the experiment is interrupted by a criminal organisation desperate to get hold of the technology, Tuck is accidentally injected into hapless hypochondriac, Jack Putter (Martin Short). With the mysterious Cowboy (Robert Picardo… yes the Doctor from Star Trek Voyager) on his back, Jack must, rise above his own limitations and team up with Tuck’s journalist ex-girlfriend (Meg Ryan) to save him. I’m sure the graphics for this were excellent at the time they haven’t aged well and Tuck’s “comedy” alcoholism is quite jarring, which I think is a symptom of a societal change since the film was made. I found it a bit boring but it’s probably worth a watch from a nostalgic perspective. 2/5

Jack’s love of the “horseface” game was starting to get out of hand

The Pillow Book

As a young child Nagiko (Vivian Wu) is mesmerised by the power of words and the sensuality of writing. As she grows into a beautiful young woman, this translates into a passion for literature and words, both in and out of the bedroom. When a publisher (Yoshi Oida) rejects her work, she decides the best way to present her manuscript to him, is by writing it on the naked body of his British lover, Jerome (Ewan McGregor). Nagiko and Jeremy soon fall in love but she is consumed with jealousy when he fails to break off his relationship with the publisher, leading to tragic results. There is something beautiful and haunting about this film and it has great sensuality but I must warn you that it is extremely arty. If you’re not an art house cinema fan, you are highly unlikely to enjoy this. It also features a level of nudity that I have yet to experience in any other film… including almost constant cock shots of Ewan McGregor. If none of that fazes you, it’s highly recommended. 4/5

Toshiko wondered if she’d get arrested for checking her shopping list in Tesco

Men in Black 3

Agent J (Will Smith) follows fugitive alien, Boris The Animal (Jemaine Clement from Flight of The Concords, clearly relishing playing such a bonkers character) back in time to prevent him from killing a young Agent K (Josh Brolin) and changing the future. In the process J not only finds out a lot about K’s past, but also his own. As always with MIB, the charm of the film is in the chemistry between Will Smith and both Josh Brolin as Young K and Tommy Lee as present K, rather than the brilliantly bizarre aliens.  This is a lot of fun but hardly revolutionary. 3/5

Cosmetic dentistry… get some.

Love and Other Drugs

Jamie (Jack Gyllenhaal), a charming but feckless Pfizer drug rep falls for Maggie (Anne Hathaway), an attractive young Parkinson’s sufferer. Despite both of their misgivings, they decide to give their relationship a go but when the realities of the Maggie’s condition come to the forefront, will Jamie stay or will he go? This is sweet and funny and if, like me, you thought you’d never be able to find Jake Gyllenhaal sexy again after the horror that was Prince of Persia, you might surprise yourself. In a way it feels like the ending copped out a bit, not giving us a view into the state of the relationship at the point where Maggie’s symptoms became overwhelming, but overall a solid romantic comedrama. 3/5

Jane and Bob just couldn’t get the hang of this new fangled backwards kissing