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TV REVIEW: The Good Place – Season 4

Following the discovery that it’s virtually impossible to live or judge a good life, Eleanor (Kristen Bell) and the gang launch their new afterlife experiment. Their intention is to use the afterlife to redeem a group of reprehensible characters and move them on to the Good Place.

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TV REVIEW: The Good Place – Season 3

Season 3 kicks off with Michael (Ted Danson) intervening in the four humans’ lives to prevent their deaths. His hope is that by giving them the opportunity to live their lives again that they’ll live better lives and get into The Good Place legitimately.

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TV REVIEW: The Good Place – Season 2

[SPOILER ALERT] If you have not watched Season 1 of The Good Place it might be best not to read this review. While it doesn’t have spoilers for season 2, it does mention the big reveal at the end of season 1.

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