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Christmasathon Day 23: Love Actually

Love Actually follows the stories of a series of interconnected Londoners in the lead up to Christmas as they wrestle with life, love and the festive season.

This is one of the most iconic modern Christmas films and one that we do end up watching pretty much every Christmas. There are lots of reasons why it probably should have endured as well as it did. Some of the storylines are incredibly questionable. The one where Colin (Kris Marshall) goes to Wisconsin to shag American girls and a bunch of women literally fall over legs open, is just awful. Also Mark’s (Andrew Lincoln) behaviour towards Juliet (Keira Knightley) is not romantic, it is very creepy. Read more…

Film Friday #259: A sort of Christmas special

Happy Christmas (2014)

Anna Kendrick plays Jenny, a young woman who decides to return to her home town of Chicago after splitting up with her boyfriend. She moves in with her brother (Joe Swanberg) and sister-in-law, Kelly (Melanie Lynskey), who have a one-year old named Jude. The intention is for Jenny to help look after Jude and give Kelly some time to work on her novel. Read more…