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TV REVIEW: American Horror Story – Roanoke

In some ways it is quite hard to describe the fifth season of American Horror Story and it took me a good few episodes to even orientate myself. It starts off as a paranormal documentary portraying the allegedly true experiences of a couple, Shelby (Lily Rabe/Sarah Paulson) and Matt Miller (Andre Holland/Cuba Gooding Jr) who buy a house in a remote farmstead in North Carolina.

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TV REVIEW: American Horror Story – Hotel

The fifth season of American Horror Story is set in the Hotel Cortez in down town Los Angeles. Having been build in the 1930’s by a property magnate, the once glamourous hotel has become a vintage relic with some rather unusual long term occupants who are mostly on the wrong side of dead.

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Does Lady Gaga have beef curtains in her bedroom?

I don’t have any strong feelings towards Lady Gaga either way. Her music isn’t really my thing but it’s a lot better than most of the alternatives in that genre and I have actually managed to dance to some of them, plus this is ridiculously cool.

And you know the shock outfits are kind of funny to watch… but a meat dress? A dress… made out of… MEAT??? This is what Lady Gaga wore to the VMA’s. What on earth must that have smelled like and what a ridiculous waste of food! There’s being edgy and unpredictable and then there’s being a doos (non-South Africans contact me for a translation if necessary). I’ll let you decide which you think this is.

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