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TV REVIEW: Criminal: UK (Season 2)

Last year Netflix treated us to Criminal a collection of three part mini-series that focused on crime suspects being interviewed in connection with a crime. The original version featured interviews taking place in the UK, France, Spain and Germany each with their own nuances and procedures. Earlier this year Criminal came back with a second edition of the UK version, this time featuring four interviews.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Trolls World Tour (2020)

After six months away from the cinema, Little O and I decide to venture out when our local one reopened to watch the “new” Trolls film. Little O is a massive Trolls fan and even insisted on a Trolls birthday cake this year. We have had access to this film to watch at home but for me it was my full actual end to end viewing. As many of you will know, watching a film at home with a four year old is never a straightforward experience.

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