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TV REVIEW: Glow – Season 3

Season 3 of Glow kicks off with our favourite lady wrestlers starting their 3 month show run in Vegas. It is a whole new world for the team, living in the hotel and doing the same show every night. Once again they’re all dealing with their own personal struggles and struggles with each other but this time everything is focused on identity.

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TV REVIEW: Glow – Season 2

The second season of Glow focuses on the trials and tribulations of the Glamorous Ladies of Wrestling and their desire to keep their show on air while also delving into the relationships of the performers and their friends and family members.

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TV REVIEW: GLOW – Season 1

It’s the 80’s and actress Ruth Wilder’s (Alison Brie) life isn’t going according to plan. She’s not getting any of the roles she wants, she’s broke and she’s been sleeping with her best friend, Debbie’s (Betty Gilpin) husband (Rich Sommer). Drawn in by an intriguing advert she finds herself at an audition for GLOW – Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

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The 30 Day Song Challenge – Day 15 – A song that describes you

REVIEW: Kate Nash @ Shepherds Bush Empire, 18 October 2010

Arriving to the hideous cacophony that is Brigitte Aphrodite, it was only my total love for Kate Nash that stopped me from turning around and storming back into the mean streets of Shepherds Bush to escape. Imagine a glitter covered four-year old with ADHD throwing  a temper tantrum at her birthday party and you’ve got Brigitte Aphrodite. Paul described her as a third generation pastiche product taking all the unique things that make people like Kate Nash and Lily Allen exciting and turning them into caricature. Avoid like the plague.


Kate Nash has always been a girl of many voices in her musical output so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but when she came out to a simulated thunderstorm backed by Joan Jett’s Crimson & Clover, it was pretty evident that the riot girl was in session. There’s no doubt that Kate’s new album is a bit angry. She’s a bit angry with and about all kinds of things and so with a large dose of her Courtney Love pills we get her at her a shrieking, stomping, growling best although,  to her credit, she manages to temper the beast within (with a Fox’s Glacier Mints dress… yes really) with moments of real sweetness. There’s no shortage of entertainment and between monologues, sing-along’s and standing on her poor piano, the whole audience including the two young gentlemen who are performing the gay men’s show choir version of Kate’s back catalogue in front of us and the loved up couple next to us dancing cheek-to cheek next to us (not retarded, just American) everyone is having a good time… even my Cancer Bats loving fiancé.


Forget the sexed up pop-trash girls the media keeps plugging at us and get a little Kate Nash on your playlist… after all she’s a redhead, what could go wrong!