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Things I have been cooking lately #159:Prawn lettuce boats

I swear this is the last Lean in 15 recipe coming up for a while. I have made this a few times because Mr O loves it and although the sauce is very simple it is delicious… it will also stink out your kitchen because that’s how fish sauce rolls!

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Things I have been cooking lately #157: Salmon with chilli edamame

This is yet another recipe from Lean in Fifteen. I think sooner or later Joe Wicks is going to sue me for copyright infringement but I I love his recipes and they have been so good for my gestational diabetes. I have to admit that before I made this I had never poached salmon before but I thought it gave the fish a lovely texture and made it easy to flake for this zingy salad.

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Things I have been cooking lately #154: Italian Stallion Sausages

So I know it might seem like I only make things from Lean in 15 now but I love the recipes and they’ve been so good for my gestational diabetes readings. Plus they’re really quick to get on the table, which helps with my goal of trying to finish my dinner by 7.30pm, which is a new one for me. I have always been quite a late eater. I have adapted this recipe a fair bit since I find Joe is a little bit more keen on loads of liquid than I am but it is super tasty and quick and when I made it for Neil and his mum everyone wanted seconds!


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Things I have been cooking lately #152: Chicken with chorizo and mozzarella

Recently a South London chap called Joe Wicks has become a bit of a diet and exercise sensation in the UK. He advocates a programme of easy, highly nutritious large portion recipes that you can make quickly along with high intensity workouts that you can do in fifteen minutes (he is also more than a little bit dishy). When Mr O put me onto him I was already most of the way through my weight loss programme, which was working for me but I really like his approach and was thinking about trying it out… but then I almost immediately got pregnant and the workouts were too high intensity for me.

Joe, also known as The Body Coach, released a recipe book called Lean in 15 in December and I bought a copy for Mr O as a gift. The book has two sections, one of low carb recipes for non-workout days and a higher carb section to fuel workout days.

With the diet I have to follow to keep my gestational diabetes under control the low carb recipes are perfect so I have been experimenting with this section of the book. This was the first recipe I tried,  I did modify the recipe a bit to make enough for 4 people and of course I added my own secret ingredient but it was epic. Thanks, Joe!


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