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TV REVIEW: The Politician – Season 1

Payton Hobart (Ben Platt) has only ever had one ambition, to be the President of the USA and everything in his life has been done in pursuit of this ambition. Along with his campaign planning team that includes his girlfriend, Alice (Julia Schlaepfer) and friends James (Theo Germaine) and McAfee (Laura Dreyfuss) he’s on the road to student body president, the first step in his plan.

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TV REVIEW: American Horror Story – Freak Show

The formula of American Horror Story is quite unique in that each season uses mostly the same cast but changes the characters and settings and then tells a dark and disturbing tale. Mr O and I watched the first three seasons when they came out but then somehow lost track of the show and stopped watching. A friend recently reminded me of it and as past seasons are on Netflix, I decided to catch up a bit.

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