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MOVIE REVIEW: Aquaman (2018)

Over the weekend, my friend Y came to visit. We decided to watch a film one evening and I got to pick. I thought why not Aquaman, after all Jason Momoa is hotter than Satan’s balls. What could go wrong?

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MOVIE REVIEW: Justice League (2017)

I feel like I need to take responsibility that it was my idea to watch this film. Mr O and I don’t get loads of time to watch films and we are offered really exhausted in the evenings and not willing to commit to a whole film. On New Years Eve day (not that that is actually a thing) we actually got a day to ourselves. Little O was at nursery from 10 – 3, I was off work and we had no plans so we decided to sit down to a film. I thought Justice League would be fun. I was very wrong.

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