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TV REVIEW: The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance – Season 1

It wasn’t until fairly recently that I watched the original Dark Crystal movie and fell a bit in love with it. It made me both excited and apprehensive for the Netflix prequel series. Would it stay true to the original in all its mad, puppet glory? Would the story be as touching and engaging? Would it be as immersive? The film is so special so the series had a very big shoes to fill.

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TV REVIEW: The OA – Season 2

The second season of The OA picks up directly after the first one ended. Having successfully jumped after she was shot OA (Brit Marling) finds herself in a new dimension in the body of a Nina Azarova that never experienced the bus crash that changed Prairie’s life. Confused by where she is and how she got there OA ends up back in the clutches of Hap (Jason Isaacs) and is horrified that he has rounded up her former fellow captives to continue his research. The worst part is that Homer (Emory Cohen) doesn’t seem to remember his former self.

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TV REVIEW: The OA – Season 1

Seven years after she went missing, Prairie Johnson (Britt Marling) reappears in her home town covered in strange scars. She has also regained her sight and insists that her name is now the OA.

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