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Things I have been cooking lately #178: Halloumi and lentil salad

I used to do loads of cooking but since we had Little O most of the food preparation in our household falls to Mr O as I tend to be trying to wrangle the little fella into bed at prime dinner making time.  I decided I was definitely going to make at least one meal this week, even if it was a quick one. Enter this easy salad. Of course just as I finished making it Little O woke up and refused to go to bed for another two hours so I didn’t get to eat any until 10pm but it I enjoyed it none the less.

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Things I have been cooking lately #156: Spicy halloumi bake

One of the nice things about having gestational diabetes (look at me finding silver linings) is that you get to eat a LOT of cheese and I love cheese. All the cheese. All the time. Halloumi is one of my favourite cheeses and great for pairing and being the star of the show in GD friendly recipes. This was a big hit with both Mr O and N, who lives with us at the moment. It packs a real flavour wallop and is quick and easy to make.


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