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12 Days of Christmas Swap: Day #12

Today is the very last day of the 12 Days of Christmas Swap for me and the final present tag says, “how about a quick pamper session?”


And very excitingly… nail wraps!!! I think I will be getting right on these this weekend as you can see from the pic below that my festive nails are not looking all that festive anymore!


Thank-you so much to Juanita Tortilla for all of my wonderfully generous and thoughtful gifts. I have loved every single one of them. You are a legend. Now I just hope my gifts for Chloe will turn up at some point in time!

12 Days of Christmas Swap: Day #11

My second to last gift came with the message, “… because you are a travel bug!” At the start of the Christmas Swap, Juanita and I talked a lot about the fact that I love to travel and see new places so it’s really lovely that she remember that this is one of my great passions.


I couldn’t be more thrilled with these uber-cute travel themed nail decals. I love doing interesting nail art and these are perfect for creating a fun look. I can’t wait to start experimenting with them so I can do a post on the results. Thanks so much, Juanita, this is definitely my favourite gift!


12 Days of Christmas Swap: Day #10

I have to admit that when I red today’s tag, I had a pretty good idea of what was in my gift. It says, “Stationery… something small to carry around” (and I loved the magazine print wrapping by the way. Tres chic!).


And my suspicions were correct… it was a notebook, with a very cool fish on it! Everyone needs cute notebooks in their life and this one is extra funky. It’s gone straight into my handbag. Thanks, Juanita. I love it!


12 Days of Christmas Swap: Day #9

Today’s tag says, “When you have to BYOB…”


Clearly Juanita already knows me way too well because inside was these two special reusable shopping bags for carrying wine bottles in, because everyone who knows me knows that my favourite wine is… wine. Mr Osbiston and I used to have one of these but it disappeared when we moved so this is a great gift… even just for bringing home bottles from the supermarket because we don’t have a car. Thanks again for an awesome gift.


12 Days of Christmas Swap: Day #8

The tag on today’s gift definitely had me excited since the tag says, “Favourite snack. I like this. Do you?” Snacking is definitely my biggest diet weakness so I was dying to know what was inside.


It turned out to be this bar of M&M chocolate, which was awesome. I love M&M’s and I have never seen them in a chocolate bar before. And now I have to confess that I have already eaten half of it and it was delicious! Thank-you, Juanita. The answer is a resounding yes. I definitely like it!


12 Days of Christmas Swap: Day #7

Today’s cute little box was wrapped up like a giant sweet and came with a note that said, “stationery, the fun kind.”


Inside was this set of alphabet stamps. I can’t wait to go out an buy some ink and try them out. Juanita, you are definitely inspiring my crafty side. I haven’t made that much since last year’s Christmas cards and opening all your gifts has reminded me how much I miss it! Thank-you so much!


12 Days of Christmas Swap: Day #6

Today’s gift from Juanita Tortilla definitely had me intrigued. Not only was it wrapped in a funky bag from a record store but the tag said, “How random…”


Inside was this belt that Juanita made from a piece of vintage lace she bought in Switzerland and a belt buckle she bought in Borneo. It’s a great gift for me because since I’ve lost weight a lot of my clothes are a bit on the baggy side and I’ve been wearing belts with them to keep them going. Thanks again, Juanita. What a unique and lovely gift.


Unfortunately my gifts for Chloe are being held in Newark for inspection! I can honestly promise that I have not put anything dodgy in it. All I am hoping now is that it’s being X-rayed rather than manually inspected or it might all arrive unwrapped. 😦

12 Days of Christmas Swap: Day #4

Today’s gift definitely had me intrigued… the note says, “To make ordinary things pretty…”


Inside were these two funky roles of washi tape.


I am a really big fan of this Japanese crafting staple and used rolls and rolls of it when I was making all the stationery for my wedding. I am definitely looking forward to decorating some cards and tags with it, especially since Juanita has inspired me with her very creative gift wrapping. Thanks for a fun and useful gift!

12 Days of Christms Swap: Day #3

I couldn’t resist taking a black and white pic of today’s gift from Juanita Tortilla. The wrapping was so lovely and rustic so it just kind of matched. Today’s tag says, “since you’re in London…”


And the gift is this awesomely packaged box of English Breakfast Tea.


I have a bit of a sad confession to make… I don’t like English Breakfast tea, it’s one of those British things I have never learned to get on with. I love herbal tea and I can drink my weight in rooibos (traditional South African tea) but English tea just tastes likes socks to me. That doesn’t mean that Juanita’s lovely gift will go to waste though. It’s perfect for guests and because the box is so pretty it will look lovely in my kitchen. Thanks again to Juanita for the lovely gift and I hope you won’t be too offended if I don’t make myself a cuppa!

12 Days of Christms Swap: Day #2

I got up early this morning to open my next present from Juanita Tortilla because I didn’t think I could face waiting until after work. The note on this one says, “for when you host your next party”. Once again it’s beautifully wrapped and I loved the use of string.


Inside were these very cute little cocktail napkins. They would be absolutely perfect for a gathering with my book club and I can’t wait to use them. Thank-you, Juanita!


12 Days of Christms Swap: Day #1

Time to open my first gift from Juanita Tortilla… each gift came with a cute little note and this one says, “we need more of this in winter”.


And inside is this adorable little mocha scented espresso mug candle. Mr Osbiston and I love to burn scented candles in our flat to give it a warming, homey smell. We recently finished off our last candle so this is a fab gift and I will be lighting it later when we have guests over for lunch! Thanks so much, Juanita!!


There must be more to life than stereotypes

I have been neglecting my blog. My excuse is still that Frank is not completely well. Although I have him back, his charger seems to be banjaxed  and so I’m not having much online evening quality time… but then I am sleeping more.

Anyway, there has been rather a lot of activity underway. Paul came in to London on Friday for Justin’s birthday dinner and met quite a few of my friends. I won’t name any names but some people were on their worst behaviour and did a fair amount of showing off and embarrassing me. Fortunately Paul has a fabulous sense of humour and seemed to enjoy all the carnage. He made a fantastic first impression on everyone so I’d say all’s well that end’s well.

Due to unforeseen circumstances we didn’t get to see each other on Valentine’s Day… which wasn’t the end of the world because we all know Valentines Day is pretty lame anyway and the house lunch, with random friends  we had instead ended up being great! However we did have a little bit of an anti-Valentine’s celebration in Essex last night.

If I look at the kind of presents many of my ex-suitors have given me I can only really hang my head in despair… hideous cheap jewellery, generic stuffed animals, plastic flowers (yes, really… and no I don’t buy the they’ll last forever like our love bullshit).  Fortunately, Paul is a much more creative gentleman and got me one of the most unusual gifts I’ve ever had – a 1996 limited Valentines edition vinyl of the Blur single Stereotypes. Not only is it an amazing shade of pink but it’s symbolic of our joint love affair with 90’s music and the fact that the back sleeve has a dating profile form on it is a reminder of the fact that way back in the day we met on a dating site. I absolutely love it… and how much thought went into it.

In other news, my fabulous friend B and her lovely partner, David have gotten engaged… finally 😛 And I get to be a bridesmaid… GLEE! I have never been a bridesmaid before. I wonder at what point I get to do my interpretive dance and how many bits of paper with drunk stories about the bride written on them it’s customary to hand out to elderly family members before the ceremony. I must read up on my duties…

B, here are some ideas on what I might like to wear…