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The baby chronicles #1: He’s here

Weeks old: 0.5
I love: Being held folded in half like I was in the womb, boobs, sleeping on daddy’s chest

So this is my first baby chronicle. I am not sure how frequent they will be. I think it’s going to depend very much on how much time I find and when I find it but I wanted to share the story of Little O’s arrival into the world before I start forgetting bits of it. I am pre-warning everyone that this post is going to be relatively graphic so if words like cervix and mucus plug make you cringe, don’t read this post. Just look at the pictures. Read more…

The bump chronicles #28: The last one

Weeks pregnant: 39
Baby size in fruit: 🍉

By the time you read this blog I may very well have given birth to Little O since his eviction date will have come and gone or I might be in labour. One way or another by the end of the week he’ll be out in the world. So this is quite possibly the last you’ll hear from me for a while since I am imagining that the amount of free time I will have as the mother of a newborn baby is approximately… none.


Nope… not scared at all… I mean look at it… it’s tiny…

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The bump chronicles #27: Maternity leave

Weeks pregnant: 38
Baby size in vegetables: Leek

Friday was my last day of work, which was kind of awesome and totally weird all at the same time. I went for a lovely lunch with my closest colleagues, was given a touching leaving speech with an absolutely hilarious leaving card and I made a final visit to the roof terrace bar of my building for a bottle of water. And then I said goodbye and went home and cried  little because work isn’t just work to me. It’s my second family and I love what I do. On the other hand I have had quite a few bouts of really bad nausea over the last week or so… kind of like my morning sickness has come back and I can no longer pretend that I am not really… unwieldy… so not having to make the journey across the city isn’t the worst.


A vastly underrated vegetable

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The bump chronicles #26: The bump drops and D-Day approaches

Weeks pregnant: 37
Baby size in vegetables: Swiss Chard

In the last week or so my bump has “dropped”. This is something that happens in the last few weeks of pregnancy where the bay starts to move downwards ready for its final journey to the outside world. There are definite plus sides to this. With the baby being lower down it doesn’t compress your lungs as much, so that feeling like you’re going to pass out the top of the sixth flight of stairs eases off. However there are cons too… when the baby heads down it becomes “engaged”, which means its (not so little) head is settled in your pelvis. This can mean increased pressure and a feeling a bit like your bones are grinding the aforementioned head. It also means your bladder capacity is about one tablespoon. Little O is currently 3/5 engaged. I am currently spending 3/5 of my time in the bathroom.


I don’t think I have ever tasted a chard… Swiss or otherwise

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The bump chronicles #25: Food glorious food

Weeks pregnant: 36
Baby size in vegetables: Romaine lettuce

Last week we had Little O’s last growth scan to check that he is on track to be a normal sized baby and that his important parts (head, belly, femur) are all in proportion because this is what decides how early I will be induced.


Something I can actually eat

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The bump chronicles #24: The baby has been showered

Weeks pregnant: 35
Baby size in fruit: Honeydew melon

According to my BabyCenter app my uterus is now 1,000 times the volume it was before Little O took up residence in there. (Good job, uterus!) I can well believe this as I really do feel “full of baby” at this stage. This became very evident when I was doing my post lunch walk up and down the ten flights of stairs to my office last week. I do this because it helps lower my blood sugar levels (and to prove I can… and because some of us have been racing each other). Last week I got to the sixth floor and got super out of breath and a bit dizzy. Apparently this is because Little O is compressing my lungs. Well that’s my excuse over and above just being soft. I have also had my first experience of pregnancy heartburn as he’s also pushing on my stomach. Yay for good old sugar free, pregnancy safe Gaviscon!


Are honeydew melons very different from cantaloupes? All melon is disgusting so who knows!

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Things I have been cooking lately #159: Gestational diabetes friendly peanut butter blondies

With only 4 or 5 weeks until Little O makes his appearance and I can technically eat whatever I want I have been starting to fantisise about the list of things I am going to eat immediately post labour. In the meantime I am continuing to experiment with baking things that I can eat safely. My latest successful endeavor was these peanut butter blondies that I adapted from a Peace, Love and Low Carb recipe. They are very low sugar and carb so even if you don’t have GD and are trying to stick to these principles they’d be great for a sweet snack. They are also gluten free!


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Things I have been cooking lately #155: Gestational Diabetes friendly peanut butter brownies

When I started my virtually no sugar, low carb gestational diabetes diet I thought I was going to get mad sugar cravings and wake up in the night sweating and thinking of cake. That hasn’t happened. Although I sometimes dream of Ben &Jerry’s peanut butter cup ice-cream or wish I could just have a piece of fresh tiger bread, I have mostly been fine with getting to eat pretty much as much cheese as I want. What I have been missing is baking. A lot. Like a whole lot. So I decided to do a little experiment and rework one of my favourite brownie recipes to make it GD friendly… and it worked! Not only are these brownies very low in sugar and carbs but they’re also gluten free and passed the 15/30/45/60 blood sugar test advocated by the gestationaldiabetes.co.uk website. What that means is that I tested my blood sugar every fifteen minutes for an hour after eating one of these (paired with some creme fraiche) and all the readings were below my after food target. (Please note that if you have gestational diabetes or type 2 diabetes and want to try these you should repeat the same test on yourself to ensure you are not missing a spike. Everyone’s tolerance is different).


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The bump chronicles #19: On accepting help

Weeks pregnant: 30
Baby size in vegetables: Cabbage

Last week I finally got to see the diabetes midwife at my hospital and I have to admit that despite my initial misgivings she was actually very helpful. As hard as I have been working to keep my readings under control, there hasn’t been an improvement in my fasting numbers because the hormones are just too much. This means I am now taking a drug called Metformin, which will hopefully bring things back to normal within a few days.


A nice, green, leafy baby

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The bump chronicles #18: Baby hiccups… they’re a thing

Weeks pregnant: 29
Baby size in vegetables: Butternut squash

Little O is now what I would class as “massive” and I feel like I have achieved a size that could comfortably be referred to as Orca. Up until now my pregnancy hasn’t really affected me all that much physically but my bump now feels heavy for the first time to the point that my PT, who is notoriously tough, has softened up a bit on the Sumo squats and lunges since the sheer girth gets in the way. I also inadvertently knocked over my colleague’s water bottle the other day because I had lost track of the end of the bump and I am forever finding a bit of whatever I have been cooking on my top at bump level because it’s been interfering in the food.


Butternut squash… my favourite

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The bump chronicles #16: The gestational diabetes blues

Week’s pregnant: 27
Baby size in vegetables: cauliflower

I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, which is a condition that affects approximately 1 in 20 pregnant women. What happens is that pregnancy hormones interfere with the body’s ability to process insulin which makes your blood glucose level rise too high.There are certain women who are more likely to get it than others – being overweight, being of a particular ethnicity,having a family history and being over 35 being the most common causes. When I went to be tested I thought my chances were pretty low since my only risk factor is my age but it turns out that 1 in 10 older pregnant women get GD and I am one of them.


Little O is now cauliflower sized

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