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TV REVIEW: Dead to Me – Season 2

Season two of Dead to Me kicks off with Jen (Christina Applegate) reeling after Steve’s demise and lying to Judy (Linda Cardellini) about the exact details of the incident.

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TV REVIEW: American Horror Story – Apocalypse

After my American Horror Story binge earlier this year, I was excited to see the eighth season appear on Netflix. I was lucky/unlucky to catch a horrible cold that put me at home in bed for couple of days so I managed to fly through the whole season within a couple of days.

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TV REVIEW: American Horror Story – Freak Show

The formula of American Horror Story is quite unique in that each season uses mostly the same cast but changes the characters and settings and then tells a dark and disturbing tale. Mr O and I watched the first three seasons when they came out but then somehow lost track of the show and stopped watching. A friend recently reminded me of it and as past seasons are on Netflix, I decided to catch up a bit.

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