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MOVIE REVIEW: The Aeronauts (2019)

Once a fortnight I go up to Leeds and spend a couple of weeks with the team I work with there. As I have gotten to know them all better we have started socialising together in the evenings, which makes being away from home that little bit more pleasant. This week we decided to go to the cinema. The Trinity Shopping Centre in Leeds city centre has an Everyman theatre, which is my fave because you can get a giant burger brought directly to your cinema sofa seat. The theatres are small so there are usually only a handful of movies showing. We had a limited time frame so The Aeronauts was our best pick although none of us really knew anything about it.

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I am only a year late on this one but I finally got a chance to watch Rogue One last weekend. When it comes to the Star Wars universe I am probably a middle ground fan. I love (most of) the films and characters. I don’t remember every element of the plots at an intricate level, I can’t name all the characters on the Star Wars Dobble cards and I don’t know what any of the ships are called apart from the Millennium Falcon.

Rogue One is the first time I have experienced the Universe outside the sort of “Skywalker” storyline (I have probably also described this incorrectly but y’all know what I mean). Read more…