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Christmasathon: Day 25 & 26

For Christmas Day and Boxing Day we managed to watch a couple of current Christmas specials, which was rather fun.

Day 25: Doctor Who: Twice Upon a Time

Day25 Read more…

Christmasathon: Day 1 – 3

For the first three days of Christmasathon Mr O and I decided to watch some TV Christmas specials. I am not going to do big reviews of all of these because a lot of them are only about 25 minutes long and I have so very little free time, so my Christmasathon blogs are going to be a bit more basic… kind of like me.  Read more…

90’s flashbacks, ass kickings and Branson the butterfly

It has been a bit of a chaotic, unpredictable weekend. Paul and I started off by popping over to Shepherd’s Bush to see the recently reformed Reef. Some of you might know them as the band that did the dancefloor filler, Place Your Hands. We were just in time for the headline which possibly wasn’t ideal in the circumstances. The downside of gigs where bands have reformed is that they’re full of music “tourists”… the kinds of people who do not go to gigs often, for whom live music is not a lifestyle and who blatantly do not get the etiquette. Some things are not done at gigs. You find a spot and you stay in it. You do not roam incessantly to and from the bar and the toilets while the band is playing. It is disrespectful and it ruins other people’s experience of the show. You also don’t talk loudly through anyone’s set and you certainly don’t take up residence at the bar or barrel through the crowd spilling your drinks in other people’s shoes!

But putting the vile crowd aside, the band was awesome. Their grungy surfer vibe strangely hasn’t dated and they are very tight for a band that hasn’t played together for some time. Front man, Gary Stringer, once again long of hair as he was in the 90’s doesn’t say much but he’s totally captivating and in watching him live I discovered that my beloved friend Josh has an older twin. For those who know Josh… observe… this is Gary Stringer and Reef doing a little song called Naked. He even moves like Josh!

We left  revitalised after a glorious four-song encore but I’ve got to say that She Bu is 10 times rougher than Brixton at night. I would not like to go roaming around there after dark alone.

On Saturday we took temporary leave of the glorious weather to take in Kick-Ass at the cinema. Paul and I were in definite agreement that this superhero-with-a-twist film is a total winner. Geeky Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson) is absorbed in comic books and his best girlfriend (who thinks he’s gay) but after he gets mugged one too many times by local thugs he decides to attempt being a superhero. Dressed in scuba gear and armed with a pair of batons, he has some success until he gets in over his head and is bailed out by the “real deal”, pint sized prodigy, Hit-Girl (Chloe Moretz) and Big-Daddy (Nicholas). It isn’t long before David realises he’s thrust himself into a situation far more sinister than anything he ever could have imagine and that being a hero, super or otherwise, is nothing like in the movies. Go  see… it’s fabulously funny but also extremely dark.

I can't read your mind. But I can kick your ass

When we got home the sun was still high in the sky so we had our own little party in the back garden with a couple of beers and a deck of cards (we have an ongoing rummy contest that we take up whenever the opportunity presents) before checking out Doctor Who episode 4 (may I say that I LOVE Matt Smith as the Doctor… LOVE and that season 5 is so far IMMENSE) and being utterly terrified by the Weeping Angels.


As we umm-ed and ah-ed about what to do next, Wilhelm and Fara arrived home and invited us to join them for homemade burgers. Burgers were consumed, beer levels were topped up and eventually we all ended up in the Pig & Whistle. By the time we arrived it had already turned feral and not only were people dancing on the tables but there was mini-hysteria. We even got overrun by a dog. It was all so strange I half expected a clown on a unicycle to come through and for us all to realise that we’d woken up in one of those experimental German music videos that Wilhelm likes so much. In any case it was all a lot of fun.

I felt like I was having less fun when I had to get up at 6 to accompany Paul in supporting his colleague, Cat, who was running the London Marathon. I will admit that Paul did offer to let me stay in bed but I made the choice to go along and despite the crowds bringing out some of my less desirable qualities… I get crowd rage like some people get road rage… I was very glad I went along. Cat did a great job and finished well and we got to see a series of ludicrous costumes, including Richard Branson in his butterfly wings, but best of all I got to see Colin at mile 12 and he was kicking ass. I might even volunteer to go down next year again!

Tonight I am home on my own for the first time in months. Whether I spend the weekend at Paul’s or he comes into London I normally spend Sunday nights at his house but it just wasn’t practical this week. It  feels very strange being on my own and I don’t like it… I never thought I’d say that… I don’t like being on my own…

30 Day Meme: Day 28 – My holiday in some detail

This entry is supposed to be this year in great detail but I say bollocks to this year in great detail! It’s only fricking April plus this is a diary blog and I’m not into repetition… well unless I’m writing poetry. Instead, I bring you my holiday in Devon in (some) detail.

I think I have to start out by giving my sympathies to Paul who began the entire trip at a disadvantage after being assigned to travel in the “girls” car with Em, Leilah and I and was referred to as a “girl” for most of the rest of the holiday. I know you’re all man, baby 😉

Me and my housies!

Our journey to Clovelly was quite an arduous one marred by traffic, people slowing down for Stonehenge and subsequently for the pig farm directly thereafter. In the words of Tyrone, “it’s like you go past Stonehenge and think, it’s not that big and then… whoa… look at the size of that pig!” However with good company, good tunes and a hefty pub lunch to keep us all going, it was rather pleasant.

Our “home” was a charming wooden cabin with a bathroom containing what Paul nicknamed the “Dalek shower”. It not only had a radio and a steam function but it shot out streams of water from all kinds of bizarre angles and, with the exception of Tyrone, I don’t think anyone fully mastered its operation. It did look cool though.

We made a venture into Clovelly itself which is mostly comprised of steep inclines, cobble stones, cream teas and gift shops. It’s very pretty but I’m not sure the residents should be allowed to charge £7 entry into it or that we should have taken the treacherous back entrance in order not to pay! Other than this the only real venture out was to the beach and being total city people Paul and I elected to stay home and play cards. Are we lame? Maybe… but we’re also happy.

Nature and stuff

Many drinking games were played, including the bizarre “spoons” than nearly ended in violence several times. We also learned that the point at which you’re really drunk is not the right time to start playing Lord Of The Rings Monopoly, eight people will never agree on a film to watch, if you let Oli wear the bunny ears he will yell, “get some Easter up ya!” at passing cars, it takes Paul and I about 15 minutes to make our bedroom look like a student flat and when Tyrone gets his kite out, duck!

Get some Easter up ya!

In short it was very relaxing, a lot of fun and I would highly recommend a sojourn to North Devon to anyone!

I ended the weekend by heading back to Chelmsford with Paul so we could watch Doctor Who together, two days late but still exciting. I have to say I’m completely sold on our lovely new doctor as well as his feisty companion. The first episode was an absolute triumph! Roll on a new era of Matt Smith and Steven Moffat. Not that I won’t forever hold a space in my heart for Ten…

Celebrity SatNav

Jen and I were chatting the other day about my proposed trip to Sydney next month (still proposed because I haven’t had my visa back yet although the Australian High Commission has relieved me of £45 so a decision one way or the other must be imminent) and how our tendency to go off on tangents when we’re together may result in us paying no attention to the road on our travels and getting lost. Somehow that meandered into the territory of SatNavs and how lame the voices are. We are now convinced that there is a lot of money to be made in the idea of themed SatNav voice-overs (© Abbi and Jen… 16/30/2009). Picture it:

  • Yoda: Turned towards the dark side you have. U-turn you must make when next possible.
  • Mr T: I pity the fool that turns left at the next junction. I ain’t getting on no motorway!
  • Doctor Who (David Tennant edition): In 100 yards turn right. There you go. Aren’t you brilliant? Look at this view? Should we take a detour? I wonder what’s on the other side of that hill.
  • Vince Noir: Turn left at the next… ooh what’s that over there? It looks shiny. Leroy told me if you run over a peacock while you’re driving, they explode and glitter comes out of them and you can use it to give your hair more volume. Personally I prefer root boost but…wait where were we going again?
  • Ozzy Osbourne: Shaaaaron, which fucking way is this place again?
  • Movie voice-over guy: Coming up over the next hill is the most incredible roundabout you have ever seen. Not one will you turn left once but you’ll turn left twice and when you get to the next intersection nothing will ever be the same again.
  • Paris Hilton: Like if you turn right in 100 yards, that’s hot.
  • Clint Eastwood: You could turn right in 200 yards but the question you have to ask yourself is do I feel lucky today?
  • Simon Cowell: Is this supposed to be a joke? Your choice to turn left was not the right one. To be honest this is probably one of the worst journeys I’ve ever been on and your car doesn’t even belong on the road. You should have it scrapped.
  • Vicky Pollard: Yeahbutnobutyeahbut…warraya asking me for what direction we should go in, yeah? Stacey Smith said that Jayleesha said I stole her boyfriend but you can’t prove nuffink anyway I wasn’t even at the park I was down Lidl with Josh nicking fish fingers to put in your glove box so like whatever.

Got some more? Come on, bring it!

Doctor Who?

Ladies and Gentlemen… we have a NEW DOCTOR! That’s right, the new Doctor Who has been revealed. Relative unknown, Matt Smith is, at 26 the youngest Doctor yet. You can find out more about him and the new series here.

Having had a little look at this video I’ve got to say I can imagine him at the Doctor and he is really quite cute… which is always a pro. Only time will tell though if he can fill Mr Tennant’s Chucks.


Matt Smith, our new Doctor

Matt Smith, our new Doctor