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What I wore to work this week #39

This week has been cold and rather damp. My office also tends to be on the cold side so I have been wrapping up a bit. It’s definitely sweater weather!

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What I wore to work this week #30

There are only two outfits this week as I was in training on Wednesday in what I can only describe as a dystopian nightmare of a building. The weather continues to be very “in-between” and also this week very windy as there have been some storms about.

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What I wore to work this week #4

I made another trip to Havant this week Wednesday so I am once again missing an outfit picture for the week. It wouldn’t have been a very happy picture though since there were horrible train delays and the weather was vile. You’ve missed out on nothing!

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What I wore to work this week #1

So after a pretty positive reception I have decided to crack on with a weekly “what I wore to work” post. I only physically go in to work 4 days a week and for the rest of the time I live in jeans and sweatshirts so there will usually be 4 outfits a week. This week there are 3 as Monday was a bank holiday. Photos are from my Instagram stories and are taken in the work bathroom, so don’t expect amazing quality.

Where possible I will link to where you can buy what I am wearing (or similar) but some of my wardrobe has been around for some time so lots of things probably aren’t on sale anymore.

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A potential new feature: what I wore

A long time ago I used to post pictures of my favourite outfits on this blog. I really miss doing that. Over the past few months I have been posting my work outfits on my Instagram stories. It is a bit of a running joke as I take the photos in the bathroom. I have been considering doing a weekly round-up of what I wore on the four days I went into the office each week.

I am no fashion blogger but I love seeing what people wore so I thought my readers might like to see what I wore. Let me know what you think.

Outfit of the week #65

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to attend the wedding of my good friends Jen and Rob. The wedding took place in Rob’s parents amazing garden in Bristol (it has a stream and a cliff!!) and had a sort of enchanted fairytale feeling to it as the marquis tent was set up with some elements of the beautiful garden inside it.

Usually I would wear a dress to a wedding but I decided to branch out a little and go for an elegant jumpsuit, which proved to be stylish, warm enough for the somewhat rainy evening and great for dancing in. Success!

I am wearing a one shoulder black and floral print jumpsuit from Red Herring with peep-toe nude patent heels from Next and a gold and white beaded necklace from H&M.

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The downside of losing weight

In the last week I decided to clean out my closet. I try to do it once every six months because hoarding actually gives me the fear. If something isn’t being used and isn’t useful then it needs to go. This most recent clear out ended up being a lot more dramatic than they usually are… This is the bag of clothes I had to donate because they don’t fit anymore.

I managed to salvage a few things that don’t look bad a bit more baggy but probably about half of my clothes are in this bag because they look ridiculous on me. I am going to attempt to get a couple of dresses taken in but I think it’s going to be an all new summer wardrobe. My bank account is already crying.

At least now everything fits in the closet (and all of you who don’t live in the UK please don’t laugh that this is the closet space being shared by two adults).


Have any of the rest of you had to do a post weight-loss wardrobe cull? And did you wonder if you should keep some of your “big” clothes in case you put it all back on again? I am trying to resist that impulse as much as possible.