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Christmasathon: Day 25 & 26

For Christmas Day and Boxing Day we managed to watch a couple of current Christmas specials, which was rather fun.

Day 25: Doctor Who: Twice Upon a Time

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Christmasathon: Day 21 & 22

Two of Mr O’s fave shows for our latest Christmas specials to make up for Made in Chelsea.

Day 21: How I Met Your Mother – How Lily Stole Christmas

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Christmasathon: Day 19 & 20

More TV specials. This time I convinced Mr O to watch the Made in Chelsea special because I am horrible and he is a good sport and I really like trash TV. I am not ashamed of this… okay maybe a little bit.

Day 19: Made in Chelsea – Christmas Special 2017

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Christmasathon: Day 16 – 18

Some more TV specials to get us to the week before Christmas!

Day 16: The Fast Show – Christmas Special

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Christmasathon: Day 12 – 14

There is no day 11 because it was my work Christmas party and I was out drinking all the wine and behaving in a very silly manner. I stayed in London for the night (planned, don’t worry, I didn’t just end up sleeping in a bus shelter) and didn’t get to watch anything. Here are some more Christmas specials we checked out.

Day 12: Swashbuckle – Christmas Rules

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Christmasathon: Day 7 – 10

Even more Christmas specials. Too busy in the O house for whole films at the moment. Plus we have the attention spans of gnats these days.

Day 7: Peep Show – Seasonal Beatings

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Christmasathon: Day 5 & 6

Two more TV specials for day 5 and 6 of Christmasathon.

Day 5: Gavin & Stacey – S2.8

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Christmasathon: Day 1 – 3

For the first three days of Christmasathon Mr O and I decided to watch some TV Christmas specials. I am not going to do big reviews of all of these because a lot of them are only about 25 minutes long and I have so very little free time, so my Christmasathon blogs are going to be a bit more basic… kind of like me.  Read more…


Mr O has somehow convinced me that he and I should endeavour to watch either a Christmas film or Christmas TV special every day of December. This will be in between toddler wrangling, gift shopping and wrapping, all the Christmas baking, various social engagements and my full time job that is currently trying to kill me.  Read more…