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MOVIE REVIEW: The Greatest Showman (2017)

I am a bit late to the party with this one but since everyone I follow on Instagram seems to be obsessed with it, I decided I should give it a go. Prior to this viewing I had absolutely no idea what the film was actually about, apart from the circus (?) based on the poster. I also had no idea that Michelle Williams or Zac Efron were in it. Sometimes being a mum of a small child really is like living under a rock.

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MOVIE REVIEW: The Grinch (2018)

This weekend on the spur of the moment I took Little O to see his first film in the cinema. My friend M, was taking her little Boy, L to see The Grinch and asked if we wanted to come along. L is a little older than Little O and has been to the cinema many times before but I was a little concerned that Little O would not want to sit still. I was very wrong. He spent a full hour absolutely mesmerised and very happy with his tub of popcorn. Then he took advantage of the fact that it was warm and dark to go to sleep until the end of the film. He is most definitely his father’s child.

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