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MOVIE REVIEW: Unicorn Store (2019)

After failing out of art college, Kit (Brie Larson) has returned home to live with her parents, Gladys (Joan Cusack) and Gene (Bradley Whitford). She’s depressed and aimless, despite the fact that she and everything she owns is spangled with glitter, rainbows and unicorns. Kit feels like a disappointment to her parents and that no one really understands her art.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Get Out (2017)

When Chris’ (Daniel Kaluuya) girlfriend, Rose (Allison Williams) invites him to spend a weekend with her family, he’s apprehensive. She’s not told them that he is African American and based on his previous experience, he doesn’t think things are going to go as smoothly as she hopes. But Chris is in love so he reluctantly agrees.

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