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MOVIE REVIEW: Captain Marvel (2019)

Back in the day before Little O arrived Mr O and I used to do New Year’s Eve movie marathons since going out on New Year’s Eve was never really our jam. Since we had Little O it has been a bit harder to get into a marathon but this year as New Year’s Eve fell on one of his nursery days and he now sleeps better we decided to close down the Avengers series, starting with Captain Marvel.

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MOVIE REVIEW: The King (2019)

Hal (Timothée Chalamet) isn’t particularly interested in being king. He is much more interested in boozing, whoring and avoiding his ailing father, Henry IV (Ben Mendelsohn) who is on the English throne. No one is particularly keen for Hal to succeed his father, in fact all eyes are on his brother, Thomas (Dean-Charles Chapman).

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I am only a year late on this one but I finally got a chance to watch Rogue One last weekend. When it comes to the Star Wars universe I am probably a middle ground fan. I love (most of) the films and characters. I don’t remember every element of the plots at an intricate level, I can’t name all the characters on the Star Wars Dobble cards and I don’t know what any of the ships are called apart from the Millennium Falcon.

Rogue One is the first time I have experienced the Universe outside the sort of “Skywalker” storyline (I have probably also described this incorrectly but y’all know what I mean). Read more…