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Things I have been cooking lately #172: Super food salad

Last week it was really warm so I got very excited and decided it was spring. I was so excited that I decided to buy a whole lot of ingredients to make salads. It turned out it was not spring. It was basically spring teasing us and then deciding to hold off until a yet to be named date. Fortunately even though it was cold and windy when I made this, it was still delicious so we didn’t feel too sad that we had to eat it wearing jumpers.


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Things I have been cooking lately #159:Prawn lettuce boats

I swear this is the last¬†Lean in 15¬†recipe coming up for a while. I have made this a few times because Mr O loves it and although the sauce is very simple it is delicious… it will also stink out your kitchen because that’s how fish sauce rolls!

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Things I have been cooking lately #143: Avocado and lime sorbet

Some time ago I bought an ice-cream machine with the intention of making my own ice cream. I am a complete fiend for ice-cream. It’s probably my biggest weakness and I wanted to experiment with healthier, less processed ingredients but of course I just left it in the box.

Anyway… a couple of weeks ago Mr O and I went for Sunday lunch at one of our favourite local pubs and I had their peanut butter pie with raspberry sorbet for dessert, remembered that I was going to make sorbet and asked Mr O what flavour would appeal to him. Turns out it was lime so over the weekend I made this dairy, sugar and gluten free sorbet. Avocado might seem like a strange choice for a dessert but the texture is amazing and you can’t taste the avocado at all. It just tastes of honey and lime.


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Things I have been cooking lately #133: Mr O’s Mega Brunch

Mr O is a bit obsessed with brunch. It’s basically his favourite meal. I think mostly because he gets to have a lie-in and still eat eggs. After we go out for brunch but it’s hard to keep me out of the kitchen and I have now perfected my own tasty brunch dish featuring eggs, chorizo, avocado and mushrooms and Mr O loves it!


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Things I have been cooking lately #131: Salmon with avocado salsa

I have to admit to being a bit obsessed with avocados. There is something so delicious about their cool, creamy flavour and I chuck them into all kinds of different meals. When i found this recipe that mixed salmon (which I also love) with a tasty salsa I was intrigued and had to try it out. What I ended up with was a very tasty, very healthy dinner that I will definitely be making again.

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Things I have been cooking lately #124: Spicy chicken and avocado salad

I feel like at least half of my recipes are spicy something. When I was younger I wasn’t a big fan of spicy food but Mr O is a complete spice addict and the more time I have spent with him the more adventurous I have gotten with my flavours. This chicken and avocado salad makes a delicious lunch, especially if you leave it overnight for the flavours to develop.


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Things I have been cooking lately #112: Coriander and lime chicken salad with goats cheese and sweetcorn

This salad was born mostly out of me chucking together things I had in my fridge but it worked really well together and I would absolutely make it again. I can imagine that many of you would have similar things hanging around in your fridge so I am sharing it with you. Read more…