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TV REVIEW: Marcella – Season 3

At the end of the chaos of season two we left Marcella (Anna Friel) living under a bridge and presumed dead after having a complete mental breakdown. Season three sees her deep undercover having taken up Frank Young’s (Hugo Speer) offer of a new career. She’s worked her way into the sinister Northern Irish Maguire criminal family in the hopes of taking down their numerous operations. It won’t be easy though as Marcella’s mental state is extremely unstable, her former boss, Rav Sangha (Ray Panthaki) is investigating a linked crime and Frank’s reasons for investigating the Maguires aren’t completely professional.

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TV REVIEW: Marcella – Season 2

It’s been some time since the events from season one and Marcella’s (Anna Friel) life has changed. Jason (Nicholas Pinnock) has moved in with a new partner. Tim (Jamie Bamber) has taken over the department and she’s more disconnected from her children than ever. What hasn’t changed is that she’s still having blackouts… and people are still getting murdered.

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TV REVIEW: Marcella – Season 1

Former detective, Marcella Backland (Anna Friel) returns to work after an eleven year old cold case suddenly seems revived. It’s not the best time though as her husband, Jason (Nicholas Pinnock) has just left her and she’s been having weird unexplained blackouts. Now she’ll have to navigate a team that isn’t sure if they can trust her uncanny gut instincts and her act now think later approach alongside the implosion of her personal life.

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