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The bump chronicles #24: The baby has been showered

Weeks pregnant: 35
Baby size in fruit: Honeydew melon

According to my BabyCenter app my uterus is now 1,000 times the volume it was before Little O took up residence in there. (Good job, uterus!) I can well believe this as I really do feel “full of baby” at this stage. This became very evident when I was doing my post lunch walk up and down the ten flights of stairs to my office last week. I do this because it helps lower my blood sugar levels (and to prove I can… and because some of us have been racing each other). Last week I got to the sixth floor and got super out of breath and a bit dizzy. Apparently this is because Little O is compressing my lungs. Well that’s my excuse over and above just being soft. I have also had my first experience of pregnancy heartburn as he’s also pushing on my stomach. Yay for good old sugar free, pregnancy safe Gaviscon!


Are honeydew melons very different from cantaloupes? All melon is disgusting so who knows!

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